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PS2Alerts Development Update

Posted by:  Charoplet 12.11.2020

New update was published by the developer of PS2Alerts, [DIG] Maelstrome26:

Real Time Monitor module done, you can now see a live list of alerts with territory & population metrics, other things being worked on. View here:
Keep up to date with further developments on our Discord: and ensure you sign up to notifications in #roles!

Hey folks! It's been a while since I last gave an update on the PS2Alerts project, here's a summary of what we've been up to:
Website Progress
The website is in full swing now and a lot of progress has been made. While a lot of it is fundamental stuff like provisioning resources and underlying framework code, we're now able to bang out some actual visual changes.

Real Time Monitor

First of all, the Real Time Monitor has made a return and is now feature complete! It shows the current territory % status of the active alerts, and additionally now shows active players on each alert on both numbers and percentage basis (within 60 seconds) which wasn't present in the previous website version, so this is brand new.
The way populations is calculated is based on an "active combatant" basis - e.g. each time you get a kill, gain XP for repairs etc, it's counted. This is intended to nullify people sat at the warpgate doing nothing, which IMO is a truer representation of the populations.

Alert History

The Alert History page has also been started, however, this one is very much still a work in progress. It will eventually allow users to filter results by a specific timeframe, server, and continent.

Next Steps
  1. Polish off the Alert History
  2. Make a start on the Alert pages themselves which will show basic statistics, as detailed here:
  3. Make a start on creating the homepage metrics which will show how many wins/losses etc for each server/faction etc etc.

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