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Chapter 1: Community Thoughts and Feedback. Part 2

Posted by:  Charoplet 13.11.2020

Chapter 1 is now finished for PC players. Our website decided to know the thoughts and opinions of different players across all servers and outfits. This is the second part of the community feedback from different, most respected people - leaders of big player communities, streamers, event organizers, etc. You can read Part 1 of this news article here.

We remind the questions we asked:

1) What is your opinion about the First Chapter and Campaign in general?
2) Was the new campaign and mission system a success for Planetside 2?
3) What do you want to see in Chapter 2?
4) What do you want to see in the next big updates?

[2RAF] Deathleopard1, Captain of 2nd Republic Assault Force. Server - Emerald

The last few missions were a good change of pace. PS2 never had much story telling other than "go here shoot this". Honestly missions should be auto collected. As in, say you complete a criteria of a mission, but you haven't "accepted" the mission. You can just complete it anyways.

Less plants i would like to feel like things were more dangerous, the way the Storm/Shattered warpgate is. It just kinda tickles you for a while. The absolute main thing that we NEED is for outfit colors on the minimap. Instead of all players in your outfit who are not in your squad being your faction color/blue, they should be a choosable color so multiple platoons is easier to coordinate. Also, but not as important, make that storm nastier, it just looks like a big cylinder floating around the map. I wish it would really "feel" like a killer electrical storm

[CNVA] Krisxixi, Outfit Leader of ASZH China Vanu Royal guards. Server - SolTech

As an office man l have about three hours a day playing games, which l think is a lot. But after finish the main story mission of chapter 1 l have no motivation to continuing playing the mission or the thing related to it. Also lm not satisfied with the reward for chapter, l want something special, things have unique features (like rajin which the official don’t offer for a long time ) but not a knife can just one headshot a inf and have slower rpm (BTW this info don't even mentioned in the stats of this knife).
Instead of spending time on finish missions like soldiers and shepherd (which has been like a joke now, cause usually we just zerging a lane and swap platoon leader, this kind of mission should only be applied to those who have high tier leadership directive). I cant feel the mission dev says ‘prepare for those who don’t have much time on the game’, if what they said is things like outpost antenna mission, that’s kind of boring.

[BHO] Mike33IsBack, Outfit Leader of BoNeHeAdEdOvErLoRdS. Server - Miller

New campaign system,  the BHO-Clan did have Great fun with it we did take 2 full BHO-platoons at the Shattered WG, 3 Sundays in a row there, and build megabases and did kick out the Vs and Tr from there so we could make sure our members could finish the campaign, it was Great, would be nice to make like Outfit-campaigns. Hope they fix the canyons, so the ANTs don't get stuck and can not get up from there and also make a few bridges so ANTs can cross the canyons in many places instead of driving 2000 meters around them.

[R18] N7jpicardz, Outfit Leader of Renegade 18 and a popular Planetside 2 streamer. Server - Connery

The overall goal for the first chapter seems to be a huge miss, I will go into what worked well and what needs improving

Worked well
New Base Design - Overall the new base designs are a breath of fresh air to the game and long overdue, base/map design changes needed to take a page from footnote by having a forever changing map that is based around some sorta lore/storyline arc.
Adding new Gameplay elements - introducing the ability to drive a TR tank while on VS is such a cool feature, I hope every map has its own twists and flavors as it adds each map having something interesting like the added new storm that adds another level of chaos to the battlefield is most welcome to planetside 2
Outfit resource changes, changing the cost of things, and making discounts weigh 0 is such a big positive change to outfits, purple resources are now only for bastions and the colossus tank, I have already seen so many of the new tanks on the battlefield because of this change! My only suggestion is that blue resources that citadel shields and orbital strikes require are very hard to come by, I believe bases with bleu resources need to be increased and slightly increase the orbital strike in cost to prevent too much spam
Reverted changes to alerts - it was good to see them revert these changes but I would love to see more attention on alerts as the planetside 2 population is tied around alerts as when they end there are big declines in pop.

Needs Improving
Lattice Lines - the new Esamir lattice lines are pretty horrible in terms of battle flow, I have lost count how many times stale mates happen at the new echo valley, apex genetics, and so on. Some of these bases are just TOO defendable with the changes that have made, some of the base designs like the new underground base nott communications are hidden outside war-gates which seems to be a common theme in planetside 2 that the most interesting base designs are at places that are near impossible to get to, I would love to see bases move around and rotate around the map so people get to play at new and exciting locations. I actually had another idea which I will pop in here just as a brainstorm idea, when an outfit captures a base I would love to see outfits be able to use outfit resources go to a terminal and pick a base load out A, B, C and the base load out fully changes the base to a preset design made, that way you could have NOTT COMMUNICATIONS A, so basically it gives you 3 types of designs to choose from giving outfits even more a feeling of changing the battlefield based on there influence.
The Campaign - Where do I even start, this was a total missed opportunity to do something very different, in its current format it is a straight 1/10 why you ask… relying on other human beings to complete tasks for a limited time only is not the way a campaign system should be built, Not being able to see pop/players inside the shattered warp gate area is also a massive headache as there’s so many times it was just utterly empty, other times there was vet players farming new players, or players grieving with base construction items on mission objectives. The storyline was utterly uninteresting. That’s just the tip of the iceberg so to speak about that campaign but I will go into what really should have been done for it
The single player should of being exactly that a single-player experience, when logging into Planetside 2 there should of been login to multiplayer or single player with your character each single player would have a different story to tell from each faction, the single player could have had badly performed voice acting from devs and the community with in-game cutscenes using the game engine, the first chapter could of been used as a glorified tutorial as well by having a mission that has you pushing sundies to a base to teach you the importance of them and how to deploy them and where it’s safe to deploy them and teaching different types of systems like cloaking or shields, another mission could have you flying an ESF bombing fuel nanite tanks to stop the war effort but this teaches you how to fly and bomb a target. You get where I am going with this, furthermore, the story line itself would of been much more fleshed out as you could of had a 5 days before the shattered warpgate explosion which tells the story of WHY the new map looks so different would of really added something special to planetside 2!
I personally have so many more ideas on this but don’t wish to drag on about it, personally would love to see the devs reach out and grab ideas.

Overall there are some nice additions to the Planetside 2 world, this was meant to be one of the biggest updates to Planetside 2 and it really fell short, I am unsure how this is meant to help RPG increase there revenue to allow even more fun content to be created this seems more like a way to turn existing and new players off. I would love to see DGB put systems in place to help new players stay, new forms of revenue such as, gun reskins that sound and look different that can only be purchased with cash, seperate armours so you can buy shoulder pads, capes, back packs, and so on, adding season passes, and much more need to be added asap if planetside 2 is to see any chance of ever seeing a sequel.

[TNDM] Weemos, Outfit Leader of The Name Doesnt Matter. Server - Emerald

I have seen many complaints about the ranging price of the campaign. Personally I had to pay 2750 certs. The plants were fun in my opinion, however, there were some quests like FL-34s bargain that asked for a quest in Hossin for example.
The campaign and mission is a semi-success and why I say that is, it gives Planetside 2 more depth to make it interesting, but I have read the history of Planetside 2 on the forums and want to connect with some key NPCs for each faction that are already in the wider story outside the campaign. For Chapter 2, I'm looking for the progression of the storyline.
Next Big Updates,  I want Planetside 2 to revitalize their Player Studio. The next item on the list is to finally finish the construction bases on Hossin as promised by the previous Dev Teams in the years bygone. Next item is the orbitals in the outfit resources, which make an orbital base almost obsolete. Lastly, routers, being an old veteran like myself I would like to see Sunderers have a more viable use as routers are plaguing the infantry landscape, especially if it's a platoon with multiple people with routers, and all the router bases being near the warp gate, way out of contention of the "Fight-lines".

[BOIS] ZealousVS , Outfit Leader of The Boys. Server - Cobalt

The first chapter of the campaign itself was novel but turned out to be kinda boring and wasn't worth the time investment for the rewards you get.
However, when talking to my members they had a lot of fighting at the shattered WG. It's totally different than normal play and also made construction very relevant!
I did feel as if the dailies are pretty fun and encourage diverse gameplay.

Personally, I feel as if instead of further development of the campaign, the following should be considered:
• Better rewards for the campaign and better objectives, e.g. races, time trials, fun stuff like knifing, killstreaks, etc!
• More guns in the meta(not just Orion/Beetlejuice, vandal, canis, etc.)
• A better new player experience; better tutorials, less currencies, better starter loadouts (e.g. infiltrator has default SMG).
• A better UI.
• Less of a headshot multiplier; Fortnite, Warzone, PUBG has a 50% HS multiplier. Planetside with Nanoweave is 150%

[HMRD] SecretSaucy, Outfit Leader of Drunk Division. Server - Connery

I was hoping it would add more story to the game, and give it overall depth, unfortunately, it turned out to be a terribly voiced, carrot farm.

I enjoyed a couple parts of the campaign, but overall, i have to say no. I did not want to finish the campaign for the reward or "story," I did it because I didn't want to not give it a chance. The missions, however, have a lot of potential. They cater to only a few playstyles though, so I'd like to see more options for players like me who are mainly support roles.

I'd like them to actually attempt to build the history of the factions. As well as expanding the missions for more roles. It would also be interesting to have abandoned vehicles with random weapons rather than the basics. A lot of HMRD members have also jokingly mentioned a meteorology implant.

[MM] Dobryak, Outfit Leader of Millennium Marines, a popular russian Planetside 2 streamer.
 Server - Miller

The campaign shows completely wrong devs vision on the main game point: its about massive battles between three warring factions. Instead, Campaign takes players away from the action, and force them to do boring and useless stuff, mostly solo. Storytelling almost not noticeable, players get "go and press E" orders in most cases. Even some PVE missions would be way more interesting and immersive than that. The worst part of the Campaign - it's removed a huge chunk of playable areas on Esamir, its happens mostly on Esamir, and mostly at SWG area. That restricts players' freedom IMO.

The campaign doesn't meet PlanetSide 2 selling points and the main reasons to play - massive battles with friends. On other hand, the mission system could get better use - if it rewards actual gameplay and fight for useful objectives. It should work for everyone in the team or for allies nearby, though, not just for a person that accepted some mission. I want storytelling that not restricts players from playing the actual game in any area on any continent. Objectives that make involved whole squads, platoons, and factions.

I expect Teamplay/objective updates. More things (objectives) to do on the global map, in squads/platoons/small groups or even as solo infiltrator. Leadership updates. Leadership progression. Outfit progression with perks unlocks, instanced home base building. Player-generated, dynamic objectives. Standard base structure and capture mechanic rework. Global faction objectives that requires cooperation between outfits to complete. Global cross-faction, or maybe cross-server events at least once a month. And, as the usual set of needed stuff - finishing work on half-done mechanics like resource/logistics systems, battle flow, bugfixes, and engine/physics/visuals update.

[RSG1] VictorMarx, Outfit Leader of the 3rd Republican Shock Guard. Server - Cobalt

To answer the first question. I thought the concept of the campaign system was interesting and something new to broaden the perception of what makes Planetside a unique game. Chapter 1 should be considered chapter zero though, as this whole endeavor was purposefully a test run of the concept.
The second point, was the argument that the community has with the mission system (in particular) was that it seemingly deviated from the "principle core" of the game - which is "SHOOT MEN" - this community voice was the loudest.
So I'm on the fence with judging a success rate at the current moment. I feel no need as a veteran to partake in the missions (which is not a negative).

In regards to the 'NEXT CHAPTER' - It got to focus all over the map in a broad sense. Keeping something out of the way is what hurt the perception of the campaign. The 'fetch quests' should be the minimum for the campaign tally - More Lore based missions need to engage the player with telling a story. Of which I do like the direction they're going with. I was quite surprised with the angle (as a lore buff).
Having the ability for outfits to directly be automatically included into the campaign would an interesting concept. Allowing a more group effort to learn stories and feel like the player is part of the universe.

[RPN] ChefNC, Outfit Leader of The Reapers NC. Server - Emerald

Nothing that was introduced in the last update gave any benefit to me or my outfit or effected the way we play at all. After a day or two playing in the shattered warpgate area i had enough as did most of the people i play with. Its a nice distraction for newer players but for veterans like myself it seemed a waste of time.
Depends on what you view success but to me and my outfit it seemed like a waste of time and a failure. I'm sure it's cool for newer players though, but its not really driving me to play planetside or changing how i play. I'm talking as a person who didn't complete chapter 1 and saw little reason to try and do it at all.

They got me excited for Escalation and The Colossus was a nice one too, but get back to what makes planetside unique. Big battles are what drew most of us to Planetside 2 but what has kept me around longer is the community and outfits I've played with and been apart and now lead. Give me more value with capping bases or winning alerts. Expand war assets more with stuff squad leads and platoon leaders and outfit leaders can use to change how we fight. Orbitals are fun, though I wish were less spammy. I'm concerned though they rather focus on newer players and trying to change what planetside is, instead of enhancing and building upon what it is and adding depth to it.

[BRTD] Haresus, Officer of BetterRedThanDead. Server - Miller

The first chapter has been pretty fun with the fighting within the Shattered Warpgate area. Planetmans were battling for control of hills and jungles and ruined bases, it was a constant brawl in the first couple of weeks. Construction was actually useful. I'm personally a fan of more lore, so a bit of a storyline is great. Overall, happy with the campaign so far. I think the campaign has been a success, it provided new content, new fights, and a good incentive to play. I'm not so convinced by the mission system, most of the rewards don't feel like they're especially worth the effort to go out of my way to complete them. But the rewards are probably much better for newer players, so that's good.

I hope chapter 2 (or chapter 3) brings another Esamir update, with more bases being created out of the unclaimed areas or with current bases being improved. I think the campaigns are a good way of introducing new systems and changes to Planetside, and I hope they keep working on them. I would really like to see them introduce a system for organizing multiple platoons (companies) in the future so that we can see their waypoints and where they are on the continent. Perhaps a future campaign could add that.

[ORAX] Sarloh, Outfit rep of Ordo Auraxis. Server - Emerald

This new update made a lot of people, especially infantry leaders, very angry. Players were enjoying the other, non-meta part of Planetside instead of coming for their platoons. For example, some people played in tanks and did missions while others tried (in vain) to play alerts, hopelessly trying to win with unbalanced pop. Many wanted Esamir to be open 24/7 so they could do missions. And the developers did just that. Then an equal many wanted Esamir to close, saying they were sick of it. And the developers did just that. On Reddit, players cry about making A2A more effective. To which air players respond that the game becomes unplayable, for they can barely get close to any body of infantry. Armor players beg for stronger, more impactful armor – as infantry players shake in fear, imagining the bombardment that would occur. Planetside always had conflicting styles of gameplay, conflicting interests. Which is why missions were such a heated debate.

Personally, I adore the idea of missions. They are a guiding hand that help show (but never force) the player to try a different style of gameplay, promising rewards. This will expand the (new and old) player’s horizons, show them a world they might have not experienced. Even the infantry side of things may benefit, as missions have been added which promote playing a certain class, alongside class-specific objectives (heals, repairs, damage mitigation…). I see the current mission system as a blank canvas upon which the developers may further develop. Just like how the Sanctuary started off as a “glorified gift shop” and now hosts story NPC’s (who were not only interactable for the story purposes, but also for the Halloween event). I truly hope that in half a year’s time, the mission system will have many more improvements and strides into becoming a mature backbone of the experience, for which it strives.

[R18M] PoisonedAl, Outfit Leader of R18 Miller. Server - Miller

"Space carrots". Everything about it was overshadowed by that shitty fetch quest they used TWICE. Nice bit of story and 99.999% padding.
They could have made you hunt for enemy tanks to steal or something, but no. Carrots. Also there was nothing to do as a team. It just turned the shattered gate into a giant bio-lab. Oh and I'm really impressed by how they made the lattice for the eastern gate somehow worse than the old one.

[BROS] WandererCJ, Outfit leader of Brutal Onslaught. Server - Cobalt

Personally for me as an experienced player this was absolutely useless, but I consider the Campaign be very useful for new and medium BR players giving them something "else" than just 24/7 shooting, giving them an opportunity to understand some game mechanics doing this campaign. I would like this campaign to be more orientated on giving the players some knowledge about how the Map works, teaching them how to choice your battle and how they can profit from that.
Success? Not sure, I get multiple negative replies about this update, Essamir becomes absolutely a disaster to play,  forcing players to zerg bases with 96+ pop destroying the PC of all average players, having TOO FEW opportunities to fight.
Esamir rework from my point of view is a great fail. If before this Update people hated Indar/Hossin to play, now Essamir is the worst continent to play on.
I would like to see Essamir fixed, by giving more bases/links to fight on, Indar rework.
My great wish is a new Outfit Wars season. This is one of few reasons for old players (and for me also) to play this game, being a motivation/engine to go forward organizing and training troops, unless they will leave forever, or until a new "interesting" patch coming again.

[FFS] Rattolainen, Outfit leader of 151st Freedom Fighters. Server - Miller

The overall impression of the campaign was somewhat mediocre. I liked the fact that they tried to tie in some of the PS2 lore and use the sanctuary as a hub for that, but the complete disconnect between the campaign and normal planetside gameplay left me feeling a little down. The campaign has to be implemented in a way where it can be completed in more normal gameplay situations. Right now it feels like a standalone adventure without any connection to what planetside is all аbout: squad play and shooting mans. Collecting flowers and releasing weather drones is not why people play this game.
As I said, I think the campaign system is a great idea to explain the lore to players and to connect that lore to the gameplay. Some of the characters in the sanctuary are pretty cool. I would like them to continue to expand on that and give the characters some personality, and a way to get an overview of the characters you have met throughout the campaign.
As for if I want something else from the next big update, I think the number one issue right now is deploying an Indar rework. Devs also need to seriously consider if the Esamir rework has worked the way they intended. Other than that, tutorial update pls.

[BWAE] V6Bolters / [BAWC] Dubnus, Co-lead of both Bushido Way and Broken Arrow Company. Server - Emerald, Cobalt

For me personally, the campaign was a full grind through and through despite my experience in the game. The worst part of the campaign was when the space carrots spawned under the map or inside objects which made collecting 100 of them pretty time consuming. In terms of gameplay, the fights in the shattered warpgate area brought something new to Planetside but with people camping objectives, terminals and drills, it made it so only dedicated large outfits could have an impact which means smaller outfits and solo players had a hard time completing them.

For me, the biggest issues are to do with the map of Esamir. The lattices and bases are not well though-out and provide little to enhance the experience of the average player of Planetside. So in Chapter 2 I'd like to see some more map changes which make playing on Esamir outside of the campaign and farming those playing the campaign, actually enjoyable once again. Indeed, the last few days of having Esamir open means the population are spread out more making good fights rarer. This is also in part due to the fact that the first chapter of the campaign failed to significantly increase the playerbase of Planetside, unlike the huge escalation update which really helped the game.

[TATF] Aidenius, Outfit leader of Training Alliance Task Force. Server - Miller

The campaign took away from the fps game style and forced it into an MMO where you pick plants that needed several fixes late into live. The main missions were put into singular areas for everyone so it created unnecessary farms and people knowing exactly where to be to farm easy kills from unknowing people. There is no use in giving us items and cosmetics we can buy if you're removing it with the end of chapter one. Having it in the corner of the continent forces one faction out of equal opportunities to head over to shattered warp gate because they are forced to fly there or drive through kilometers of enemy territory.

[BOIS] 0Atlantis0, Outfit Co-Leader of The Boys. Server - Cobalt

First Chapter was good, but perhaps too easy: around 8h of Playtime - ( for me ). They need to make a more special, perhaps more "grindy"? Maybe something like ASP where you can do it one more time but at a higher difficulty.
It was too hard to find the locations for the first level of the campaign. Overall a success. It's great to have a continent that changed over time; would be nice to see more of it. However, one issue is that the Esamir playerbase was too split up between those playing their campaign missions and those playing for the alert. The latter would see the former as 'wasting time' and 'farming'.

Definitely the devs are heading in the right direction. Would be nice to have Harder Missions in the future as well as small Bases around Shattert Warpgate - Like a Map in a Map in Grey area (no effect to Alerts) just for spawn options!

[NCAV] ReskAMx1, Outfit leader of New Conglomerate Cavalry Corps. Server - Miller

Can't say much, haven't played the campaign or missions at all. They seemed grindy, that's just nothing I enjoy. I rolled around Shattered warpgate a bit cause it has pretty fun fighting dynamics, but i don't play that much and if I do, I wanna shoot men and not search flowers or drive people around the shattered warpgate in a valkyrie or so. I do understand that its a nice change of pace for some and that it might open them up to new playstyles etc, but overall it felt too grindy, from the little I tested it and also from what my members said.

[DGia] Ausomeratborne, Outfit leader of Army of the Dim Giant. Server - Connery

I personally think the Shattered Warpgate was a good addition for new players in order to earn certs quickly but should be free to players that are BR 30 or lower cause its hard to get certs for those levels. The new mission system wasn't really worth it for me to invest any time in from the looks of the rewards so I think they need to make a part of the system for more veteran players so they could take use of it or maybe even add like 100 DBC or something into the rewards pool. The campaign itself was just another grind and I think they should have made almost a completely separate map so you wouldn't get people camping the campaign stuff and making it take hours to farm plus the problem with the plants at the beginning was probably the worst part of it so it's good that they fixed it. I think that for chapter 2 they should probably make it so that people can actually do the campaign missions without having to have people against them competing to get it done which just makes it a contest and the veterans just farm the noobs and make it such a grind for the new players. They may even want to add bots that are actually bots that you have to hunt instead of players. I also think that they should make it so you can warp to the closed continents so that you can at least have a chance to do the missions that are on a different continent than the one that is constantly open.

[1ops] VANULATION, Outfit leader of THE1. Server - Cobalt

Tasks should be able to accept while in-game to avoid the queue, better-implemented task build structures in shattered warpgate zone should be building and not just get an ant there and u get it completed. The tasks, in general, are ok, the campaign is kinda short for a 1-month thingy, maybe more diversion of the tasks be creative we had 2x the same tasks a lot of the time.

[DIG] Warcore, Officer of Dignity Of War. Server - Miller

The Idea of the Campaign and adding a Story is a good one at its core, though not very immersive as it currently stands. As a First Chapter it stands as a good start, with following chapters hopefully improving on it, with for example, fully voiced interactions.
Was the new campaign and mission system a success for Planetside 2?
While the missions and Campaign add something new to do, the Missions themselves are quite dry, as most of the time they are nothing new or very time-consuming.
The Campaign is a good setup for the next big update, which hopefully the Devs exploit to its fullest. Other than that, any QoL Updates, especially for Outfits is greatly appreciated.

[FEFA/DPSO] TandBinc11, Officer of IRON FORGED ALLIANCE / Member of Dropping Purple Smoke. Server - Connery

The first chapter of this Campaign was overall a disappointment, both for myself and for many of my friends here on Connery. What I wanted from Planetside 2 campaigns were story-driven objectives that explored new content while naturally fitting within the standard game flow of the game. More importantly, I wanted to these objectives to be something I'd want to do again and do with outfitmates and friends. Instead I feel the campaign spent too much time sending me out of my way to do dull repetitive busy work that turned finishing the campaign on my main character a chore, something I put off until just this week. I didn't even bother trying to finish it on my other characters and I regret the certs I spent to unlock it on those characters.
My hope for the second chapter is that they better refine the objectives into ones that I can do alongside my outfitmates rather than ones I grudgingly farm out alone during off hours. I think this first chapter from a developer perspective was a testbed, proof of concept for the tech required for the campaigns and mission system as well as a time to fix critical bugs that would appear with Live testing. With that in mind I have some hope that going forward they can put more effort into the objectives themselves taking player feedback into consideration.
Finally I hope that the campaigns don't take too much developer attention away from the mission system. I feel it is still incredibly half baked compared to the Mandate system they first teased up with two year ago. Ideally, I think the game would best benefit from missions that are assigned based on conditions on the map and that can apply squad, outfit, or even faction wide.

[1RPC] Mauti404, Organizer of big events on Jaeger. Server - Miller

I haven't done the campaign because I do not see the interest, I don't play Planetside 2 to play FEDEX missions, nor for its lore. The cost of the campaign actually feels less than its rewards, and even less worth it to go through the pain to complete. I think the campaign wasn't a great success, the Esamir reworked did a few good things and many bad ones. The storm was probably the most hated feature for a long time. They really need to listen at community feedback to fix the bases and the whole lattice system on Esamir. But if at least they could fix a few bases, teleporters and sundy garages on bases, do less options to spawn camps, that kind of thing should be easy to achieve.

They can do whatever they want for the second chapter, as long it doesn't impact the gameplay of people who don't care about it.

I'm very serious to see this:
- Provide maluses and bonuses according to overpop ratio (If you have 66% pop, you should get 50% less XP, 50% less nanites and no leadership, SL or PL ribbons), obviously compute this for the ribbons on the whole capture (this shouldn't apply to large facilities, only one point one);
- Sightly improve HEAT velocity;
- Flatten Indar and turn most of the front line large facilities into single point to fix the Indar T;
- Provide teleporter and safe sundy garages for every base;
- Stop putting the large outfit on top of the list when browsing for the outfit. Large outfits are the last outfits that need recruitment;
- Remove auto-join squad from mentor, this really is terrible for new players to join a squad with no leadership at all from a guy who is most likely there to get his leadership directive;
- Get rid of the serious inability from RPG to take into account negative feedback and stop with the culture of "salty vets" that is still visible from the core of its game design leadership. We give negative feedback because we like this game and want to enjoy it, not because we just throw hate for the sake of it.

  1. 11 November 2020 03:11 write to news
    I notice a lack of ps4 player outfits opinion I'm not saying that's bad but I would be nice to voice our opinions if possible 

  2. 11 November 2020 08:04 write to news
    I think that's because First Chapter is not finished for PS4 players, while it is finished for PC players.
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