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Steam launcher temporary fix

Posted by:  Charoplet 13.11.2020
Redditor Thehugeblob found a temporary solution to fix a problem with the Steam launcher (for those players that have this problem of course) and it seems this option actually could help some players! Here are the instructions:

Hello everyone, I did a little debugging and found how to get the launcher to start.

1. In Steam verify the integrity of game files - DO NOT START THE GAME AFTER

2. Go to the install directory SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/PlanetSide 2/LaunchPad.libs

3. Copy these 3 files to a separate directory - you will be pasting them back into this one fast:
  1. d3dcompiler_46.dll
  2. ffmpegsumo.dll
  3. icudt.dll

4. Now, go back one directory to
SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/PlanetSide 2/ and double click LaunchPad - do step 5 now fast!

5. Immediately go back to the LaunchPad.libs and paste those 3 files you copied back in (you will notice they are missing)

You can actually repeat 4 & 5 skipping all else once you have those 3 files :)

If you do steps 4 & 5 within about 10 seconds the launcher will pop up and you're good to go
. You will need to repeat these steps in order to play until they patch.

You can write about the effectiveness of this solution in
this Reddit thread. Also, you can comment if this solution works for you as author tested multiple times for himself and it worked well.

P.S. Another possible fix is this one - when you launch the PlanetSide 2 client through Steam, open Task Manager. The client should launch only one or two subprocesses with the same name, but it instead launches three of them. Try ending one of these subprocesses until it lets you actually kill one and the client will fix itself. More info about this method is written here -

  1. 13 November 2020 18:58 write to news
    Okay, it's really weird. Why is it like this and when will it get fixed?
  2. 13 November 2020 19:49 write to news
    They have an issue with CDN provider, that's not a Daybreak Games problem...
  3. bar
    13 November 2020 20:38 write to news
    Still gives me the SocketError
  4. 13 November 2020 22:47 write to news
    Still does not work for me. Nothing appears even after 10 seconds, I have done it multiple times; copying and pasting the 3 .dll files and nothing. I have restarted my router, reinstalled the game, done this temp. fix and nothing seems to work. I cannot even get the download from the website to try it if it works from there, but nope the download does not seem to appear nor giving me notion if something was blocking it.
    1. thehugeblob
      13 November 2020 22:51 answer to news
      Extra things to try listed in bottom of my reddit post. Check the names of your dll files, make sure your copy to correct directory. Delete your locallow daybreak file. etc..
  5. 13 November 2020 22:51 write to news
    Whisky, did you try the second option with the Task Manager?
  6. 13 November 2020 23:44 write to news
    @Admin, the main problem is that most peeps cant patch the game du to that SocketError. i tried his fix, works at least for the not responding Launcher. so its launching. but then it doesnt download the missing 209 MB, retries several times, then pops SocketError message.

    1. thehugeblob
      13 November 2020 23:57 answer to news
      If its nexus files issue feel free to dm me on reddit for fix.
      1. Jester9482
        14 November 2020 00:08 answer to news
        I too have this issue! please help! Socketerror!
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