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Interview with BriggsR18 - the leader of new R18 Miller Outfit.

Posted by:  Charoplet 08.09.2020
Late last week, Miller's players were shocked by the news that a large group of players, including many officers, has left one of the largest and strongest Outfits of the Terran Republic, REEEage quit and founded a new one called R18 Miller. Our editorial team decided to talk to one of the ideologists and leaders of the new Outfit - BriggsR18, finding out the details of what happened.

Charoplet: Hello! First, tell us a little about yourself - who you are, where you live, etc.

BriggsR18: Hello! I am BriggsR18, I live in the United Kingdom, in London with my wife and two children, I am 35 years old, ancient for a gamer, but I was in my late 20s when Planetside 2 was released so I don’t feel too bad.

Charoplet: I think many players would be interested to know how you got to Planetside 2, when you started playing, did you play Planetside 1?

BriggsR18: I missed Planetside 1 entirely only playing a demo once, my gaming background is a mixture of Battlefield games which started with BF2, then I got into World of Warcraft in a big way around 2004/5 enjoying PVE dungeon races with other guilds to down bosses first, this is where I began raid leading, which is basically what I do here.
I played Planetside 2 from the launch, started leading and did not stop until I moved back to England, I got into it through friends in ETNY, part of the Goonswarm Alliance from EVE online, good times.

Charoplet: Do I understand correctly that at the beginning you played on the Briggs server, and after its closure - on Connery?

BriggsR18: I played on Briggs AU server, eventually founding my most successful outfit, R18, with my close friends - N7JPicard and Rasp. These two guys now run Renegade 18 on Connery, they re-launched while I was in K and they are going fantastic! Now with the founding on Miller, it’s pretty cool seeing the brand go worldwide, the Briggs orphans making it on Miller and Connery, it’s fantastic.

Charoplet: Tell me why you decided to play on Miller and what is your ping on Miller, if it's not a secret?

BriggsR18: My ping to Miller is about 20, to Connery it’s about 180 but playable. I played on the Australian server when I lived there, and I play a European Server now I live near Europe.

Charoplet: Tell us why you chose TR on Miller and how did you appear in K?

BriggsR18: Miller because I actually found English speaking players here, my first outfit was Freelancers Union who are some top lads, highly organised just different style to me, so as I began leading, I felt my destiny lay elsewhere, because of the fundamental style difference.
While I was in the FU platoon one day I got whispered by Vince who told me he liked my leading style and so I left FU, he was the only other guy I saw running organised platoons on TR so I joined him and became his main PL up until Outfit Wars.

Charoplet: Many are aware of why all the officers of K left the outfit and created REEEage quit (Main Leader of K disappeared, and officers did not have any rights in the outfit). But frankly, did the decision of hiimvinceTR (Leader of K), affect specifically losing in the first season of Outfit Wars to BHO, inviting many players from other outfits to the final match? Or is it all fiction?

BriggsR18: Honestly, the whole Outfit wars stuff Vince told me that he planned to bring in additional players because our membership was so new and low BR, which I totally understood, I didn’t expect to hear later on from some members hardly any of the actual K roster was invited, but I was not involved in OW at all so wasn’t that interested, I was his Live Server recruitment platoon leader and OW operated almost totally separate, after the OW drama is when he began going afk and I spoke to him maybe twice after OW...

Charoplet: REEEage quit outfit as we knew it until last week, existed on Miller for 3.5 months. And now again the officers leave the Outfit Leader, this time TheOneAndOnlyCharlieLeader. What happened?

BriggsR18: Charlie is a great Platoon Leader and he had a good go at Outfit Leadership, respected by many, his hands were tied and his fate sealed by his discord admin, I wish him the best, but ultimately wish he would accept the offer of returning as an officer and put the whole discord thing behind us.

Charoplet: Have you and the other officers tried to influence Charlie to keep Outfit and not divide it up?

BriggsR18: No it didn’t go down like that really. We would of liked to kept the tags and had a leadership vote instead with me winning resulting in a new discord and more mature attitude towards its tolerance of banter.

Charoplet: As far as I know, CharlieLeader has decided to develop REEEage quit further, what will be the relationship between R18M and REEE?

BriggsR18: The same as any TR outfit, one faction, one goal, always happy to chat on command.

Charoplet: Good to hear. Tell us about your new Outfit - R18 Miller. Where does this name come from and why is there a part of your nickname?

BriggsR18: When I was choosing my name for Miller, Briggs was dead and so was Renengade 18, I have been known by other names but that’s another server and another story, so I chose to take the name Briggs and R18 like a salute to the old girls.

Charoplet: If I understood correctly, PoisonedAl became the creator of R18 Miller, not you. Why was this decision made and what structure is planned for your outfit?

BriggsR18: We will be a nice straightforward non larping structure, laid back, and designed to support our planetside experience not hinder it...
...Poison acts like Her Majesty, his supreme powers will close my parliament if my actions harm the outfit, much like my role at REEE, I hope it never happens haha :) , I’m more experienced than the last two leaders so I’m not that worried, he actually functions as an executive officer and like my Merlin, he’s a previous OL himself and has been with me since K.

Charoplet: For 2-3 days of existence, about 120 people have already joined R18 Miller, and the evening online reaches a whole platoon. What are your plans for the development of outfit, what goals will you pursue on the battlefield?

BriggsR18: Great fights and good times as much as possible for as long as possible.
This clan is auto join, easy access, if you want to lead, great, lead the way you want and I wish you the best, you will make it or break it based on your popularity with the members, Commanding in this game is a unique gameplay experience I suggest you all try while you can. And I expect our members to think team play and adapt to each commander as best they can to enjoy a variety of game play.

Charoplet: Planetside 2 will soon receive a new patch - Shattered Warpgate. It will add campaigns, missions, and also seriously rework of Esamir and partially - Indar. Have you visited PTS and what are your expectations from this patch?

BriggsR18: I’m hopeful it’s a success that the guys love and it brings new players to the game and we all reap the rewards. No I have not visited the PTS I plan to wing it like the absolute Chad I am, I’m not Illest ;)

Charoplet: How do you feel about creating a specialized news portal on Planetside 2, taking into account the existence of Reddit? Do you think this content will be of interest to players?

BriggsR18: Sure, I avoid reddit these days tbh.

Charoplet: Thanks a lot for your time! I wish you and your Outfit good luck and prosperity and see you on the battlefields!

BriggsR18: Thank you and have a nice day!

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