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Сelebration messages from players for the 8th anniversary of Planetside 2

Posted by:  Charoplet 20.11.2020

Today Planetside 2 community celebrates our 8th Anniversary. Planetside 2 News decides to collect the celebration messages from some players for this significant date.

[MERC] Cyrious (Commander Cyrious)
Great doing battle with you these past 8 years soldiers, See you Planetside. o7.

[R18M] Briggs 
From all of us at Renengades 18 Miller, and all the old outfits we came from, including UQ, K, REEE, Monkeys, Enclave and many more we pass on our congratulations on to Planetside 2 on its 8th birthday! Long may the good fights continue!

[BRTD] Steveo 
I want that drop pod.

[1TR] CaptainCox 
Been a great 8 years. Looking forward to many more!

[VCBC] FookasaurusRex (TheBigMotherFook) 
When I started playing Planetside 2 I had no idea what I was getting into, 8 years later I'm still disappointed in myself with how much money I've spent on this game...  Happy Birthday Planetside 2 and here's to another 8 years!

[BROS] WandererCJ 
My great wish is new Outfit Wars season. This is one of few reasons for old players (and for me also) to play this game, being a motivation/engine to go forward organizing and training troops,  unless they will leave forever, or until a new "interesting" patch coming again.

[ReSt] AnubisCBOS 
Wish everyone health and happiness. The game hasn't changed a lot in 8 years.

[BAX] BobMitch 
Maybe, one day, if we make it to 10 years, I'll finally buy a membership.

[1RPC] Mauti404 
I'm not really the guy for this kind of positive stuff, sorry

[HMRD] OverWatcher1 
Planetside has always has been a fantastic game to me! From the good times with my outfit to the giant battles across the continents, there never has been a moment I didn’t enjoy to some degree!

[VoGu] AhornVS (Ahorn) 

Congratulations for 8 years, I've been playing since the first day of beta and this game has ruined every other game for me. Cheers.

[RvnX] Squuiizzyy 
Congratulations to the whole team at RPG for leading us through an amazing 8th year! I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon! Big shout to Andy, Wrel and Justin for being the most amazing devs in any game - ever!

[BHO] Mike33IsBack
Wrel pls 1v1 faction on the final-round in the New upcoming Outfit-wars, then you have a perfect Planetside 2.

[BJay] AerroNC 
Next to an obvious congratulations to the game Planetside 2 as a whole I would like to say thanks to the developers. Planetside 2 is a very unique game and even though it has been through some tough times and it's fair share of controversy, I'm happy the game is still going and being played by a decent amount of players 8 years after release. The recent year has finally brought some much needed attention to the game which it very much was in need of to keep going. Hopefully 2021 brings even more updates in area's of the game the community has been begging for!

[DIG] Maelstrome26 
Congrats on 8 years, here's 8 more years more! Cheers RPG!

[SKL] Qaztar 
Happy birthday to that one stubborn game that I never seem to fully lose interest in. Damn you Planetside 2, damn you to hell and back.

[MM] MakSimKammerer 
I wish players to be persistent and survive the introduction of new campaigns. I wish the developers to improve their professionalism and make the right choice for Planetside 2 development. I hope the spirit of the real Planetside wouldn't leave us forever in the upcoming updates.

[YLBT] MotongTR 
It's great to see my favorite game celebrate its eighth birthday... or should we say, reach BR8? :) and I hope Planetside 2 can be with me as long as possible. Thanks to the dev team of Planetside 2. Even under such difficult conditions this year, you still brought these amazing updates, which made me feel as novel and excited as the first time I stepped into Auraxis. Thank you!

[TATF] Aidenius 
Congratulations to the Planetside 2 community for 8 years of gaming service. I started playing in October 2012 and the game has been a bedrock of my personal computing enjoyment since. I wish everyone many more happy years to come on Auraxis. All the best and Thank you.
[KOTV] Dhe
A big thanks to all developers, friends, allies, and enemies who have made it possible to have 8 years of fun. 8 long years of competing, getting to learn new people, growing as a person, and as many more things as there are people playing.

[HTM] DexKillerPS (FriendlyZona) 
I would like to congratulate all the players and the entire community of the game on the 8th anniversary!!! After all, the date for such a project is pretty long. The most important thing to remember is that the game is still afloat thanks not only to the work of the developers but also to the players who didn't abandon this project and help its development in every possible way. And those who have not played for a long time or just started playing, REMEMBER! To spend time in this game over the years is still as fun and driving as it was 8 years ago, so look at the light and see you on the fields of virtual battles!

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