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Interview with LazyTR

Posted by:  Charoplet 26.11.2020

Today on our website, Planetside 2 News, we are going to talk with one of the most legendary Russian-speaking players, LazyTR. Even though he hasn't played Planetside 2 for a long time, he is still in TOP-5 players on Miller Server. Today we will learn about the history of LazyTR in Planetside 1 and Planetside 2. We will know about his relations with Millennium Marines and Red October, and ask about his opinion about the current state of the game. Let's go!

Charoplet: Hello, Lazy and glad to see you on our website. I think many players will be interested to know your story in Planetside. As far as I know, you have been playing Planetside for a very long time, since Planetside 1. Tell us how did you know about the game and what hooked you with the game at that time.

LazyTR: I found out information about the game in some computer magazine. It was 2003. In 2004, I got good internet and rushed the game. I dive to the Internet to get some information about the game, so I found There I also met the guys from MM and from one of them - Demi, I bought a disc with a game and a payment for a month ( at that time was a forum dedicated to Planetside - Charoplet). I wouldn't be original and will say that Planetside 2 hooked me with its scale and massiveness, like everyone else, probably.

Charoplet: In Planetside 1 you were one of the leaders of MM and for a long time led our Outfit. Tell us a little about that time - how many people played during prime time (both in the game and in the outfit), what was the difference between Planetside 1 and Planetside 2, and which part gave you more emotions personally?

LazyTR: The first thing I would like to say. I have never been a leader. I was just the only one person who was playing the game on daily basis in MM. TI was just given a Leader. From what I remember, there was about a squad of MM players, maybe a little more, and even then not always. But we must take into account what year was in the yard. As for the overall online experience on the server, it was cheerful. One continent was stable in the pop lock. This is a total of 400 people. The second was usually half populated.
What was the difference? The depth of the teamplay as for me. There were more opportunities. For example, you could go to unlock closed continent with 30 people, it was such a fan. It should be recalled that the completely locked continent provided some kind of benefit for the faction. Well, to capture the base, you had to hold the "base hack" for 15 minutes. When you open a continent, respectively, the faction that held it lose the benefit from this continent. So in order not to lose the benefit, the faction threw its forces into defense, thereby weakening its side on the main theater of war. Or alternatively, you could "dry" the base, somewhere in the center of the map and capture it.

Charoplet: In Planetside 2, Millennium Marines outfit was created on the day of release, but during the first months of Planetside 2 players from old MM (Planetside 1 players) played mainly in Red October, and only in January-February 2013 the management of our outfit decided to leave RO and start developing Millennium Marines. However, at that time, as far as I know, you did not join either Red October or Millennium Marines...

LazyTR: On release day, MM outfit was created by KeLt, purely for fun. As far as I know, you had some kind of conflict there. And after negotiations with KATANA and JoJim, they were given the tag. I had no plans to join russian outfits. I have been playing in the European outfit Soul Reapers since the original Planetside. And talking about solo gameplay... I just haven't seen what the profit from the team play.

Charoplet: By the way, what outfits did you play in during your service on Auraxis, and what are your memories about playing in a team?

LazyTR: The very first outfit that got me familiar with the game was MM. We still communicate with the guys. I was in Virtuspro, met there Daddy and Comrade. Helped in the creation of Red October. By the way, the first name for the outfit was something like Partizans, such trash  😁. If I remember right that was me who suggested changing their outfit name. And RO was born. I played with the Mercs for a while. Before the release of Planetside 2 I played in the Outfit named "If carlberg did outfit", guys from the VS, played for NC. The main outfit for me was Soul Reapers <3. In Planetside 2 I started in Soul Reapers, but the guys didn't like the game and they mostly left it. Then Pella and MetalWolf invited me to INI Elite. Since then I am there). INI Elite is also an Outfit from Planetside 1.

Charoplet: For the last 8 years you have been playing mostly solo, becoming one of the most successful players in the history of the game. Even now, after your long inactivity, you are in 4th place on Miller in terms of the number of kills. At the same time, you spent much less time in the game than those who overtook you, in fact, you and Mentis2k6 are the most effective players in terms of kills on our server. Tell us what is the secret of your success and why did you decide to go inactive?

LazyTR: Why did I leave? Fatigue from the game in general. Indistinct content from developers. Why spend so much time and effort on "building"? ... I don't know, they would have made an empty continent with capture points, on which the players would build themselves. Make it "seasonal".
As for efficiency, simple knowledge of hexes.

Charoplet: Do you follow the game updates? Did you know, for example, that Mentis2k6 got an easter egg in the game for 1 million kills - a TSAR-42 rifle with a carved name, leaning against one of the trees on Indar ... How do you like the latest big updates - Escalation and the Shattered Warpgate? Do you have a desire to enter the game and fly, for example, between two Bastions, when hundreds of allied and enemy fighters fly around, or at least go through the Campaign, studying the lore of the game?

LazyTR: I don't follow the updates. Therefore, it is difficult to say anything. And I don't really like the idea of Bastions. I'm glad for Mentis. What the developers should be praised for such little things. Daddy was given a unique title, for GillyBMF they made a golden cannon).

Charoplet: What can push you to come back into the game and what advice could you give developers to increase the interest of players focused on maximum efficiency on the battlefield?

LazyTR: More team and outfit mechanics in general. Rebalance of bases and hexes making them more infantry based (separated from air and ground vehicles).

Charoplet: Looking back, what's unique about Planetside 2? Why do players in 2020 keep playing the 2012 game with not the best graphics and optimization?

LazyTR: At the moment, the game has only one uniqueness. It is massiveness (scale). Let's see what the new Battlefield will offer us;)

Charoplet: Thank you very much for your interview, I hope our readers were interested to know more about you. You can also say a few words to the guys who will read this interview.

LazyTR: Wish everyone to be good and positive, see you Planetside 3 ;)

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