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Feb. 09, 2021 - PS4 Update (Valentine's Day/Lunar New Year)

Posted by:  Charoplet 09.02.2021

Important information about PS4 update was posted on the Official Planetside 2 Forum: All PS4 servers will come down for a new game update on Tuesday, February 09, at 8am PST (5pm CET). Downtime for each update is expected to last up to 3 hours.

Valentine's Day from Feb. 09 - Feb. 14

The eternal grind of the war machine may keep the vendors of Sanctuary single, but it won't stop them from treating themselves this Valentine's Day season. Complete all 6 Matchmaker missions to gain access to Operation: Matchmaker, a scheme by FL-34 to earn some extra cash by running a matchmaking contest. And he's willing to cut you in if you, ya know, do pretty much all of the legwork.

Matchmaker Missions: Up to two Matchmaker missions will appear in your list each day, providing progress in the Valentine's Day directive tree... as well as making someone feel loved and appreciated.

Valentine's Day Directive: This special event has its own directive, rewarding the "Matchmaker" title on completion.

Holiday Items: A lovey dovey list of war implements (and camouflage) are making a return for this event.

Pink & Gold Tiger Stripe Weapon Camo - 299 DBC

Hearts Camo Bundle - 1499 DBC
Complete your Hearts Camo collection! Don't forget - the special black and gold Gilded Hearts Weapon Camo is only available in this bundle!

  • Red Hearts Weapon Camo
  • Tarnished Hearts Camo
  • Loyal Hearts Camo
  • Indar Hearts Camo
  • Amerish Hearts Camo
  • Esamir Hearts Camo
  • Broken Hearts Camo
  • Hossin Hearts Camo
  • Gilded Hearts Weapon Camo (ONLY comes with the purchase of this bundle)

Cupid Horn Bundle - 1499 DBC
The cupid horns for all vehicles and factions are now available in a single bundle!

  • ANT Cupid Horn
  • Flash Cupid Horn
  • Harasser Cupid Horn
  • Lightning Cupid Horn
  • Sunderer Cupid Horn
  • Magrider Cupid Horn
  • Prowler Cupid Horn
  • Vanguard Cupid Horn
  • Scythe Cupid Horn
  • Mosquito Cupid Horn
  • Reaver Cupid Horn
  • Valkyrie Cupid Horn
  • Liberator Cupid Horn
  • Galaxy Cupid Horn
Star Crossed Bundle - 1499 DBC
These dual crossbows come with lovely visuals and will grant a special title to those who earn a gold medal.

  • Heartstring
  • Blackheart
  • Chrome Heart Hood Ornament
AM7-XOXO - 1499 DBC
This Archer anti-materiel rifle variant will light up your night (literally), and can be used as progress in the Exceptional II directive.

Lunar New Year Bundle (1999 DBC) available from Feb. 11 - Feb. 17

It's the Year of the Ox, and we're celebrating with this powerful new bundle containing a Profile Banner, Decal (usable for Outfits,) and a golden NS-44 Commissioner sidearm.

Year of the Ox Decal (Can be used as an Outfit Decal)

Year of the Ox Profile Banner

NS-44G Commissioner 

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