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The PlanetSide Academy is BACK!

Posted by:  Charoplet 11.02.2021

Redditor and Planetside 2 content creator, Glanshon announced that tutorial / guide series on YouTube named PlanetSide Academy is back now. Here is some information about these series from the author:

YouTube Series Link: Click Here

Hello everyone!

Towards the end of November last year I started a tutorial / guide series on YouTube called PlanetSide Academy. My aim was to create an episodic and easily digestible series of videos for new players to PlanetSide that would eventually cover everything from the basics to more in-depth topics.

The series had a great reception (much love to you all) and was doing really well but around Christmas time I had pretty much lost my mind. We were in and out of various tiers of lockdown every other day and combined with Christmas work in the retail sector, my mind started shutting down and I just couldn't cope, so needless to say I wasn't in the position to help others and started messing around with content that I had no passion for or interest in pursuing long term.

But great news! After a much-needed break and mental reset, I'm back on track and everything seems a little warmer and hopeful as we head into the spring and summer seasons.

Cut to the chase I hear you say? Well, I had a plan for PlanetSide Academy whereby I tried to release videos in the order of which a new player would encounter these aspects of the game (Player creation / Empire Selection -> HUD & UI -> Redeploying and Spawning -> etc, etc).

I would love to have any feedback you may have on the series so far as well as any suggestions of topics you'd like to see covered or knowledge that is not easily accessible for newer players. I would like to eventually remake the current videos with a higher standard of quality, but until then I think it may be best to keep moving forwards so that the information is at least out there.

2020 saw the resurgence of PlanetSide, now let's make 2021 the year that PlanetSide shows these Triple A developers what a world record-holding MMOFPS game can achieve.

As always, huge thanks for any time you've taken to read and reply to this post and for any feedback, support, or suggestions ❤

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