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Unspoken Code of Conduct and Сommunity reaction

Posted by:  Charoplet 04.03.2021

Lead Designer of Planetside 2 - Wrel posted a letter in a News section of Planetside 2 website, named "Unspoken Code of Conduct" as a reaction to the Outfit Wars match that happened on Connery between Renegade 18, SPACE PIGS and Recursion, where Renegade 18 and SPACE PIGS act as one team, attacking only Recursion and even do not shooting each other during match.

So here is the letter:

During last week's Outfit Wars matchups, there was a particular upset on the Connery server that caught the attention of the broader community. Two outfits had put in place a cease fire agreement in order to deal with the third contender. This behavior consisted of helping to attack and defend capture points as a combined team, effectively resulting in a 2v1 situation with no fear of reprisal. I wanted to take a moment to clarify our stance on this.
While there is to be a certain amount of focused fire and tense alliances expected in a 1v1v1 format, (indeed that can be part of what makes it so exciting,) we also expect each faction to be playing to win. It goes contrary to the spirit of tournament format, and the game in general, when teams outright refuse to fight one another. When taken to extremes in Live circumstances, these sorts of situations would be considered griefing by our code of conduct. There is certainly a degree of leniency in the sandbox, but entering an organized format with rewards means that these rules need to be taken seriously to ensure the integrity of the event.
In the future, we will be heavily punishing behaviors that go against the spirit of the event. Punitive measures include, but are not limited to:
  • Penalties to placement or scoring values in the current Outfit War.
  • Disqualification of the Outfit or its members in the active season with no rewards.
  • The inability to enlist in future Outfit Wars.
  • Suspensions or banning the accounts of Outfit Leaders or its members, which includes from the main game.
  • Disbanding of an Outfit.
It should come as no surprise that there are some players and Outfits intentionally willing to ruin the event for others, and the severity of our punishment will align with the severity of the infractions and the history of those inciting them.
Ultimately, we want this event to be fun for the players, audience, casters, and the community as a whole, and the support of the players is required to make sure that happens.

I hope this helps get everyone on the same page.
-Wrel, Lead Designer

It was interesting to watch the reaction of the Community to this question. Some people support the dev team for such reaction and position, some argue, telling that double teaming has natural nature in Planetside 2.

For example leader of Renegade 18, N7jpicardz made a comment to Wrel's post saying the following:

Honestly considering removing my sub to this game. You talk about integrity yet outfits can stack there team full of ringers so the other team has next to no hope of winning, your failure as a developer allowed bad code of weighting to have the same match repeated. Allowing multiple of the same outfit to have no show matches so people literally make bases in the shape of male genitalia. You say this is a true representation of live but then say it’s competitive and it’s different a hell a lot of hypocrisy coming from you. Why should me and my 600 outfit support a developer who continues to take a massive dump on paying community’s by literally listening to out of touch streamers and not listen to the silent majority of players. Like you ruined briggs au server and took literally no responsibility as a company for your short comings and here we see you do exactly the same thing again refusing to admit your team failed the community and now you want to punish the community for your short comings, absolutely genius. 

Cheffeke, the Leader of ARES Company (Outfit from Miller that send 48 players to both matches in qualification but was eliminated from TOP 6 because of ghostfits) add the following:

The problem faced on Connery happened in other servers on previous cycles. And on previous cycles... No reaction like this.
Why? Why do I feel you see this issue for the first time in Ow. I don't get it, really.
This message id for Wrel AND Connery people

1v1v1 will always provide such behaviour in a format called competitive.
Leave it, let people make the match they want, only as exhibition, simply to promote the game and outfits, and there you'll get something interesting (and then alliances will make sense too)

You can read all the conversation here

It seems Planetside 2 Community is divided on the question of doubleteaming in Outfit Wars and also some people are frustrated with the current state of Outfit Wars even they were announced as an Alpha Cycle. For example, BilliBobBillsen - the Leader of The Church of TI Alloys (Outfit from Miller that send 48 players to both matches in qualification but at the end finished in 11th place because of ghostfits) even posted a big letter to the Developers on Reddit where he described the problem of his Outfit and possible solutions.

Planetside 2 News 
hopes that before starting work on the next season of Outfit Wars, RPG developers will seriously consider all the feedback received.

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