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Outfit Wars. Feedback from Outfit Leaders. Part 2

Posted by:  Charoplet 05.03.2021

It's time to publish the second part of our article with the feedback from Outfit Leaders across all servers about Outfit Wars. We even could get some comments from the leadership of Recursion and Renegade 18 Outfits from Connery. We remind, that questions were: Do you and your Outfit enjoy the qualification matches, what do you like and what you don't, and what aspects of OW need to be improved in the next season?

[00] ExplodingFist (Connery, VS)

Each iteration of Outfit Wars has been a significant improvement over the last, and as such Daybreak has demonstrated they are committed to making this work with the limited resources they have. We have found the overall experience both challenging and entertaining, and appreciate seeing all of the elements of PlanetSide come together. Recursion loves the battle Desolation creates, and we are hungry for more.

[R18] Rasp (Connery, NC)

We enjoyed the matches but hated the poor event management by the devs which lead to us facing Recursion twice and needing to win to progress because other outfits that couldn’t field a team got free wins. Our guys were so hyped for Outfit Wars but when they saw our match ups and the devs response to weighting outfits differently which lead to repeated matches with Recursion and their refusal to correct the issue before teams were eliminated we made a call to do what we can to have fun, meme it up and try to stay in the competition. A 2v1 situation is a part of the game and has happened in multiple other matches this season and in previous seasons. Outfit politics have always been a part of Planetside and trying to police it will just fail and kill the game.
In all honesty, I don’t see a future for Outfit Wars. The developers instead of correcting issues with their game have enraged both sides of the debate and displayed a complete lack of understanding of how to develop this game.

[KOTV] xBRITISHxM8x (Miller, VS)

It's my first OW after almost a year of leading platoons daily in prime time alerts. I love it because it's a more competitive version of an alert and it's fun to fight other outfits without any other variables and random players. It also gives our players a higher meaning to improve on an individual level as well as teamplay. Things I don't like, won't sound original... First is the 1v1v1 system, it's simply not competitive, there is no serious sports in the world (as far as I know) where you have a 1v1v1 system where team 1 can make team 2 lose by letting team 3 get territory and 2v1 team 2. The other issue is the stacking, it breaks the entire meaning of "outfit wars", I haven't worked my ass off with my outfit over the year of leading and improving them to lose to another outfit that had been created a month before with the best players of the server. Funny thing is, these two problems can balance each other out, we've seen in happen in this OWs already, with normal outfits focusing the stacked ones, we'll see what happens in this OW. These 2 problems should be resolved at once, since they actually end up fixing each other in many cases. Other than this, it's great, love the competitive part, love the drama, it really takes us out of the boring alert and farming meta that many players do on a daily bases.

[HRGC] ThunderstormAT (Miller, NC)

Well, this is my first Outfit wars, but i can already see a few flaws with it.
First of all that ghost fits are able to be a thing, and actually become a higher rated outfit that others who lost their games against strong opponents.
That is a major concern, due to some outfits being able to get themselves a win after not showing up in the first match, but then playing another no-show game and getting a free win with that.
Outfit wars in general should be fun, competitive and enjoyable, where playing ghost matches are not all any of those 3 things.
One one side there have been matches in ow 3 where people lost in full matches. I think, those matches were fair and the people that lost deserved to be out of playoffs.
But to that, it shouldn't be the case that outfits that played 2 full matches are below outfits that had 1 match where they didnt show up, and then one where they showed up but played no-shows themselves.
Outfits like AR3S and CTiA deserved to play more matches, those guys had hard games and tried their best, but got beaten by outfits that were none existent at all really.

On the other hand, its to easy to manipulate. In the words of a small old man, I'm apparently a puppet for Mauti.
This game shouldn't be a playground for politics or anything.
it should be a friendly and enjoyable contests for all party's involved,
Yes, its a competitive aspect, but the game makes it a little hard there due to 3 outfits fighting each other at once, making some things rather difficult.
in my opinion either nso should be added to do a 4 way match, or try to get 1v1s going.
Other than that, i was kinda satisfied with it, due to me being new in it i cant really call out to many flaws as i dont know them yet

Seen in the recent Connery incident, politics and stuff like that still make a big impact on the game. its really not on the side of what sportsmanship and a competitive standpoint are shown.
I get it that people didn't like the outfit, but the way how they fought them in my eyes was not nice and enjoyable at all.
Like i said before, people sweat to much in ow, and the creation of Stack-fits proves that.
They should focus on having fun games, which are enjoyable, and open to any outfit except lets say below 24 players.

Third the issue, that outfits cant step back out of ow, due to them not having it implemented and other issues with the overlay like anyone can put a outfit into outfit-wars, resulting in dead matches or people don't show up at all.
Having a way for the Outfit leader and outfit officers should be able to remove their outfits from the matches incase they know they dont have the numbers to join in.
Included in that, there should be at least a 24 player line for people to join in. Anyone that cant field 24 players should not be able to join in on ow.

Well, like previously said, matches should only be able to be played with around 24
there should be outfit wars for smaller outfits, like a 24-36-48 and maybe even bigger ones for matches between different servers, like the eu ones as example
Having matches or making an international one, to really decide the number 1 outfit on planetside would be dope.

Other than that, the overlay could use some work, maybe give a little bit more info. Thats it from me, thanks for this oppertunity, have a fantastic day.

[BWC] LeroyJ (Emerald, TR)

Those of us who were able to make it to the qualifiers definitely enjoyed participating. Its really nice to see all of the different aspects of live gameplay like construction, armor, air and infantry be used in a much more combined and organized manner than we typically see in live gameplay in addition to the desolation map being so drastically different from live. The biggest thing we aren't a fan of as an outfit is the lack of simplicity when working together with other outfits. Having those of us who want to participate to join another outfit has caused some unique challenges when it comes to regular gameplay between matches, particularly regarding the use of outfit resources and other outfit based systems. I think that outfit alliances would definitely make the experience more enjoyable and to many players more worth participating. Outfit wars is definitely a nice change of pace from live gameplay over-all and I think will make for an excellent addition to the game with a little more polishing

[1RPC] Falchunbzh (Miller, NC)

Definitely, we enjoy the qualification matches, We had the chance to have full opponents in all of our matches so both were interesting and fun to play.

We like three faction because it give more uncertainty to the game, and that chaos bring surprise and it's interesting. It really got the savior of the live with more intensity.

We don't like the Delays, definitively, I don't think devs imagine how is it to be a team leader and the amount of work needed to set up properly a team of 80 people (because you need at least a 80 people roster to be sure to align 48 players for multiple week ends). So warning 2 weeks in advance with only 2 days before announcing the precise hour of the matches is harsh. But, it's fair, I think us player sometime are saying "Come on devs, implement that, should not be that difficult". For the improvements alliances and smaller sizes would be good. Alliances first, because, on European servers we have a lot of old little teams with players very attached to their tags and teams. As a team that maid an alliance with other teams, that players had to leave their teams to gather up with us, witch is not a detail.
Smaller format (even being maybe like a very large 3 or 6 point base).
 It regroup here both of my previous points. First the work needed to set up a team for a 48 format, team leaders are gonna burn out pretty quick.
And it will allow smaller teams to also have a place in OW and will help new teams to structure itselves.

[DIGT] K0per1s (Miller, VS)

This event galvanized a lot of our player base and we are now running 4 times our numbers in the event than it is usual. People are mostly positive about the event from player perspective but the unfair nature of the event is something that everyone feels and is annoyed by.

There are a lot of criticisms to be made of the system as of whole but the most important ones are that this event is simply to demanding on the people in it in our outfit. Having to be there every time and then also prepare through a week is a challenge. On top of that it is burning out the leadership and even though we have a lot of people on right now i think we might dip bellow our usual numbers soon after the event because a lot of the people will want to have a break.

Lastly i am not a fan of the drama this sort of event creates and how we are not allowed to just team up with other outfits without having to go through so many hoops to do so.

I would prefer if this event was marketed less as a competition and more as something that just happens, took less time, and removed a lot of the motivation to play in an unsportsmanlike way.

Overall this event is a good step but if it goes anywhere close to the way it is now we will not join next time, or just join to get the participation rewards and not show up to matches.

[ELME] KakkLordDesHaufens (Miller, TR)

The announcement and execution of the matches did not give much preparation time. It would be unfair to judge Outfit Wars because we have experienced low numbers on our side as well on some opponents. We were hoping for a bigger hype so people come back, but it's not as much as expected.
The people we have ready for it are still extremely motivated and interested in special events like this. So we are still looking forward to the upcoming matches and wish every participant the numbers for fair  matches and a lot of fun.

[ARAY] NCStrower (Miller, NC)

1. If possible, they should divide Outfits into small medium large, 48/24/12 to correct numerical superiority issues. New clasmans like sport
2. For the struggles to be fair, all outfits need to make sure that they played with each other.
3. You get 2 factions to fight, not 3 factions.
4. Awards, nonsense except a knife
5. The authority to enter the clan in this event should not belong to anyone other than the clan leaders.

[R18M] Ravenlaw (Miller, TR)

My outfit, R18M, like a lot of others had a match which included an outfit which did not attend the match, and one which was very undermanned. This meant we spent a lot of time and effort preparing and organizing for an event that didn't really happen so was a disappointment for us. Our second match by contrast was very even and a much better experience, but this seems to be random chance and it seems some no-show outfits have managed to progress farther than those which put in considerable effort.

Other issues we had was quite short notice for matches which was hard for our members to plan ahead for, and as this was our first outfit wars a general lack of information on the rules and situation we would face.

[TATF] GigioTheGreat03 (Miller, NC)

The things that i liked are the same as everyone so i'm not gonna write them here but overall i enjoyed it. We as TATF enjoyed the new OW and we had higher level of activity on vc and that was great tho there are some issues:

1. Our first match we were alone on the map since the other two Outfits didn't show up and that MUST be improved for the next cycle (maybe contact outfit directly to assure they will show up or that they are able to bring a platoon to the fight?)
2. For what I could understand the goal is to make it a weekly thing and imo that is gonna kill OW completely because it will not be a special event anymore and so the number of people that will participate in ow will decrease over time (i think the best format is to organize them like 4 times/year so make on in spring, summer, fall and winter maybe?)
3. We had no opportunity to train on desolation as an outfit, would have liked to have the possibility to train there before OW
4. Construction inside relics is a great idea but is expensive to get into and so that might be an issue.
5. Rewards for the winners are good but the knife feels a bit underpowered (this is my personal opinion).

[1RPC] Mauti (Miller server rep)

We found qualifications to be fun, we think obviously that ghost matches was a very shit issue. Lots of issue should have been prevented with asking experienced event organizers, like using PST time, no shows, etc. I doubt much more is going to be improved on till next season apart from no shows, like no 1v1 or 24 man format or alliances.

You can read the First part of Feedback from Outfit Leaders here.
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