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Shoctorr is our New Community manager!

Posted by:  Charoplet 01.04.2021
It seems Shoctorr, a very popular Planetside 2 streamer, is now our new Community manager. Wrel, Lead designer of Planetside 2, sent him greetings with a new job.

Also Shoctorr (with two "R") posted a video where he said, that he will work hard for all our Community, 40 hours a week and is here to save the Game.

Shoctorr is known as a streamer who get an Interview with Wrel, also he streamed last Outfit Wars and supports devs so much, that even Wrel jumped at his stream to say big thanks for Shoctorr's hard work.

Hundreds of people welcome such a step on Reddit. You can join the conversation and welcome our New Community Manager HERE!

P.S. We also want to remind, that
Daybreak is still looking for Associate Community Manager for Planetside 2.

  1. 10 April 2021 18:24 write to news
    It was an April 1 joke BTW...

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