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Miller Easter Games. Saturday, April, 10. 20:00 CEST

Posted by:  Charoplet 10.04.2021

A community-led fun event will be held on Miller server this Saturday 10th of April at 8 pm CEST. A myriad of small events of approximately 30 minutes will be open for the public.

Organizers: Padawanchichi#0001, TheBigMotherFook#8420,  Charoplet#5732

Platoon leaders, Outfit reps and content creators have to join Miller Teamspeak at 7:20 pm CEST:

The schedule is below:
Information about the Continent where the Event will take place will be posted in this news article 30 minutes before the event (7:30 pm CEST).

Update: Event will take place on Indar. First Location will be here -
  1. avs
    10 April 2021 22:02 write to news
    Добрый день,
    прошу как организатора принять меры в отношении игрока - [BULB] DimPanther
    который зная про событие и возможно просматривая стримы использовал Armory War Asset Orbital Strike
    и как итог - более 94 убитых включая из его фракции/
    Отлично видно на -

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