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Chapter 03 BEGINS. May 05, 2021 - PC Hotfix

Posted by:  Charoplet 05.05.2021

Today's update brings the third and the last Chapter in the Shattered Warpgate Campaign. All PC servers will come down for the following changes on Wednesday, May 05, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.

Chapter 03 BEGINS
The empires of Auraxis celebrate as three new Containment Sites come online on Esamir, neutralizing the storm that has battered the continent for months. Nanite Systems continues to search for Foster, their former representative on Sanctuary, who disappeared after attempting to use the Esamir recovery effort to hide mistakes of the past. Meanwhile Archivist Dolan, an earlier victim of Foster's ambition, exerts her influence from afar to earn favor with the Black Market vendors and Nanite Systems Operatives.


Containment Site
  • Expanded makeshift "walkways" on the exterior of the facility leading to the weakpoints.
  • Painfields now activate in the cargo bay spawns while attackers control them. (This is intended to flush out defenders camping the spawns.)
  • We've made considerable changes to the way assets are culled within the facility, which should drastically reduce memory overhead, resulting in better performance with lower end machines.
  • Various visual cleanup to the facility exterior. (A larger visual polish pass will be making its way into a hotfix next week.)
Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
  • Updated Freyr Amp Station region hexes based on community feedback.
  • The Halberd SE should no longer create a "grinding" sound while rotating.
  • Added more Shattered Warpgate shrubs and trees to the whitelist for Construction object overlapping.
  • Fixed a minimap issue that could display capture points as locked despite being capturable.
  • Added Construction bases to the map legend.
  • Pain Spire now has particles again.

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