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Community Smash #9 will be held this Saturday!

Posted by:  Charoplet 25.11.2020

Community Smash is a massive Planetside 2 event in which hundreds of players battle against each other on the Jaeger server to find out who's the best once and for all (well until the next smash). All factions and all servers will be able to take part in this event; however, there's no PC - PS4 crossplay.
The Community Smash #9 will take place on the 28th of November! Coralus (main organizer) wants to send his personal thanks to those involved in discussing and proposing rulesets and helping him to orginize this Event.

Another important thing to mention is that, unlike usual, organizers have already decided upon two FCs: Cheffeke will be defending his title against the challenger Falc'hun!

• Continent: Amerish - Eastern Warpgate vs. Western Warpgate 
• Team 1 (Cheffeke): 427-430 / Team 2 (Falc'hun): 431-436  (this is excluding reserves and no-shows TEAMSPEAK)
• Team 1 - Cheffeke - ''Balance This!'' - 
• Team 2 - Falc'hun - ''Void-Of-Ideas (temp)'' - 
• All FCs/PLs/SLs (just in case a TS dies) will also need to be on the following TeamSpeak as well (yes that's the IP) - PSB 
• All reserves will need to go to the PSB-ts as well, you'll be assigned a team about ten minutes before match start - PSB 
• Please be on your respective TeamSpeak as early as possible and at least 45 min before match start, this is especially true for the FCs, PLs, SLs, and reserves. Note for reserves: late = no spot. 

• Read stream rules posted in CS Discord in case you're planning on streaming the CS yourself. 
• This match will be streamed by Fara and Gelos at

CS #9 will take place on the 28th of November - 21:00 UTC / 13:00 PT.

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