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Posted by:  Charoplet 07.10.2020

This Thursday, one of the most popular Planetside 2 streamers - Aeflic (Twitch) will be interviewing Wrel - Lead Game Designer of Planetside 2. You can now write your quetions to Michael “Wrel” Henderson here and the best of them would be voiced during the interview.

Podcast will be held on shoctorr twitch channel this Thursday at 6PM PDT / 9PM EST / Friday 3AM CEST and later uploaded to youtube. Orginizers are interested in a questions you have about the recent Shattered Warpgate update. Feel free to leave them a question here!

  1. 7 October 2020 20:57 write to news
    would you consider reverting the fix for triple nanite regeneration? From what I saw on live a lot of people new to the air game were flying and armor battles were more common and tended to last longer which felt great. Mostly I just thought it a healthy mistake for us planetmen.
    1. Facehurt
      8 October 2020 10:38 answer to news
      Maybe let new players under br15 have triple nanite regen? now that they can't skip queues anymore
  2. 7 October 2020 21:13 write to news

    I have a question regarding Lattice-lines on the map on "new Esamir" there are a lot of very specific choke points that have made the map that have made it difficult to play the alert with as . What was the concept behind the placement of said lattice-lines as they are? Are there plans to add more lattices so that the map opens up a bit more? would love to hear your thoughts.
  3. 7 October 2020 21:59 write to news
    Have there been any changes to the physics engine? All moving vehicles seem to have pain fields around them that go out a full flash length when they are moving and ive been killed by buildings multiple times.

    Has the bug where if you are piloting the bastion and jump out you cant fly it anymore been fixed?
  4. Havok
    7 October 2020 22:04 write to news
    Any chance Oshur will be reentered into development in the near future?
  5. 8 October 2020 01:29 write to news
    Could you perma-unlock Hossin much like Esamir so people can do both the reclaimation tool and Bio-Analysis mission?

    Other than that, thanks for a great update!
  6. 8 October 2020 12:49 write to news
    Just a reminder, that you better ask your questions on Reddit here

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