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Nanites of the living dead Jaeger Event. Final information and updated rules

Posted by:  Charoplet 20.10.2020

Halloween is close and that means it is time to polish your knives and shotguns - Nanite of the living dead night is coming! In 2020 this fun event will be held on the 31st of October, 13:00 PT / 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET on Jaeger server. For those who don't know what is Nanite of the living dead, here is some information from organizers:

What is this about

This is a zombie event happening this Saturday at 20:00 UTC. The concept is that you play as a survivor (TR) or a zombie (VS). Survivors are limited in weapons and class, zombies are only allowed to use their knife and play medic or light assault. If a survivor dies, he or she logs on his/her VS zombie character and play as a zombie. This creates at the start a small group of zombies trying to ambush the survivors and pick a few lone wolfs and generally ends with survivors holding into a building against a growing horde of zombies. Now imagine this is set on Hossin jungle and bases, with night forced in the game and you end up with an extremely thematic and fun event.
The event is on the Jaeger server, a server managed by the community that requires specific accounts to log on. This is to stay between people that play the event for fun and respect the rules. All the fun of the event comes from respecting the rules and getting into the spirit of overall spookiness. Bring your friends, your shotgun, and do not mind shooting the first with the second once they try to eat your brain.


You are solo and your outfit isn't participating
  • You do not need to sign up
  • BEFORE 20:00 UTC join the "requesting account" channel on the TS (address bellow), an organizer will give you one
  • Make sure you read both event and Jaeger rule (written bellow)
  • Join a channel on TS and find people to shoot zombies / eat brains with and wait for instructions
You are an outfit member and your outfit signed up
  • Wait for your outfit representative to give you an account
  • Make sure you read the event rules and the Jaeger rules
  • Make sure you are ready at 20:00 UTC
  • Join a channel with your outfit mates on TS, there should be plenty of free channels, and wait for instructions
You are an outfit leader and want to participate
  • If you haven't already, PLEASE SIGN UP HERE. You can show up without signing up but this will request a bit of time for us, the more can be done ahead the better
  • You should receive the account the day of the event, a few hours before the start
  • You'll be given instructions on how to hand out accounts, make sure you read them
  • Make sure all your outfit members know the event and Jaeger rules
  • Make sure everyone in your outfit is ready and in the TS by 20:00 UTC
  • Join a channel with your mates and wait for starting instructions
Key information

The event starts at 13:00 PT / 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET, baring possible delay to sort everything but we won't wait for late people that much. We will play on Hossin, at night. Instruction on what to do will be given to all participants via TeamSpeak.
Mauti#8243 is the main organizer for this event, contact him in priority if you have any question or issue. Erots, TheBigMotherFook and Baumi will be helping with managing the event and handing out accounts, you can trust them.

You HAVE to be on the Miller TS to participate ( address : ts3server:// or ) and listen to the instructions.

Event rules

Do understand that the rules are here to make the event fun. Not respecting them will just make the event not fun. Rules might switch during the event to keep the fun going. They will be called out. We'll rotate between groups of players who start as zombies and who start as survivors.

As zombies:
  • Play as Vanu
  • Can only play as medic or light assault
  • Can only use your knife or your medic tool
  • Rez nades are allowed, grenade bandolier isn't
  • Default jump jet only for light assault
  • No activable knife. Default knife or slasher only
  • Implants are not allowed
  • No vehicles. Organizers may spawn Sunderers for the sake of it
As survivors:
  • Play as TR
  • On death, switch to VS and play as a zombie. No rez, no rez grenade. If you're TK, you're a zombie too. Under no circumstances can you be revived.
  • Shotgun, pistol, and knife only
  • No NS pistols, no slugs on shotguns.
  • Implants are not allowed
  • Darklight attachment is heavily suggested for dramatic purposes. It will be the night.
  • No grenade or explosive of any kind, no mines, no C4, no RL launcher, no EMP, no RL, I mean just shoot your damn shotgun
  • No engineer turret of any kind, same with hardlight barrier
  • You can play every class except light assault or MAX.
  • Your goal is to attack a base, capture a point, and hold it for as long as possible. You will start dropping from valkyrie helicopter style, or walk from a Sundy in the jungle
  • Do not use the valkyrie gun, do not shoot from the valkyrie sides event if it looks cool.
Expect the fun police to be active.

Jaeger usages rules
  • Do not delete any character
  • Do not ASP any character
  • Leave at least 100k cert on the account
  • If you have any issue with your account (unable to connect, missing character, etc), please contact an organizer
  • Do not go on another continent and disturb other people.
Complete Jaeger ruleset here


Can I stream this? Yes.

I'm a content creator and I would like to take some footage Contact Mauti#8243 - Discord

I signed up my outfit but we are a bit more than expected, can they come? Yes, just tell us and we'll add accounts

We already have Jaeger accounts, can we use them? Yes, just tell us in the form how many you have and we'll just give you the amount you need

Player XYZ isn't respecting a rule, what should I do? Contact an organizer

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