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What are your thoughts on Campaign?

Posted by:  Charoplet 09.10.2020

Redditor TupinambisTeguixin post on Planetside 2 Reddit his thoughts about the first chapter of the Shattered Warpgate Campaign and new Mission system:

This entire update was a mixed bag, but I do not think it was a total waste of time or as bad as I initially thought. There's a lot of potential to the new systems and the foundations are there, but that foundation needs to be built upon to prove all this work was worth it.

Campaign Thoughts

The Good
Fighting in and around the shattered warp gate was incredibly fun, as engagements were dynamic and fresh, construction actually mattered, the area looked pretty nice in general, and there was a lot of natural flow.

The Okay
The story wasn't groundbreaking but it was serviceable, and I excuse the lack of voice acting all things considered. I wouldn't call the ending to part one a let down and I think it was a clever use of what the game is currently capable, but again, it was fairly barebones otherwise. This could use work.

The Bad
The missions themselves were underwhelming and sometimes straight up frustrating (and arguably not rewarding enough), and this was by far the biggest issue. Too many missions forced you to just go to random points on the map far away from any actual combat or action just to use a console or talk to someone. That's not fun and that's not planetside. On top of that, they could feel inconsistent, and inconsistency is a key theme of this update. There is an objective to fight in a storm, but if that storm is deep in enemy territory you run into issues. People also camped static objectives which was just annoying more than anything.
I want to see missions that spice gameplay up or present a fun/interesting challenge and I didn't really see much of that here. I think the plant collection mission wasn't bad, and I think it led to some fun fights, though I did not like having to do it twice, but man the missions like "Destroy base structures" or "heal people in shattered warpgate" or "hack biolab data" were just frustrating.

Mission Thoughts

The Much Bad
Yeah missions have not launched in a great state and do not do what I thought they were intended to do. Many of the problems I had with the campaign apply here and changes are very much needed.
  • Problem 1: Incredibly inconsistent rewards. Some missions will give you 200 certs or a new gun, some will give you pocket change amounts of xp and nothing else. This removes pretty much all meaningful choice since you will obviously take the one that would be infinitely more worth your time.
  • Problem 2: Some missions are too inconsistent or take too damn long to complete (often because of inconsistencies.) My understanding is that these were intended to support shorter play sessions, but this does not feel like it applies when I've had to take more than an alert to complete some. The drill control mission may be the best example. It lands in a random place and I essentially just have to decide whether or not I'll even attempt to get there based on where it is. It often lands in enemy territory or contested enemy territory where the enemy is guaranteed to maintain control of it no matter what, and vice versa, and since I have no idea what allies or enemies are interested in getting to the drill, there is no way to organize.
  • Problem 3: Rather than catering to certain playstyles or trying to get you to branch out, many missions force you to stop playing the game or worse yet just don't apply to you. The leadership missions in particular just shouldn't be there, they only temp people to lead silent platoons just to get the points and leave.
What could Help
A more even spread of awards could help immensely. Weapons are an anomaly, but having one mission give 200+ certs and the rest give maybe 10 is just silly, spread em out more per session. I'd also like to see vehicle stuff be in the pool if it isn't already, newer players especially are in desperate need of vehicle gear.
Please oh please give people away both in campaign and in normal missions to find other people trying to complete the same missions. Even give map markers to non participants in case they want to just join up for the fun of it. This would go a long way in making even missions that distract from the main gameplay loop remain fun.
Try to focus missions more into the main gameplay loop of fighting over territory, I don't think the short and sweet missions like the courier one or convoy or otherwise are bad, especially if they lead right into combat, but many of the campaign missions in particular and even the transport mission veer off course and end up being frustrating.

The Storm and Weather Hazards

The storm is awesome, I just wish I could fight in it. I don't think the instakill zap is a good mechanic and the fact it kills sunderers is particularly egregious. PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE THIS ASAP. I suggest just zapping people with EMP effects instead, and maybe temporarily disabling vehicles so that you could safely park vehicles when you are about to be hit.
In general I think any weather hazard in the game should serve to change the rules of a fight rather than straight up kill it, and the rule change should apply to pretty much everyone for the most part. The storms good in concept, I just want to actually be able to fight in it.

Map Changes
The lattice seems to be a decent improvement over previous, but eastern warpgate feels like it's pushed in more though I may just be imagining that, and the fact Southern warpgate has no safe way to the shattered warpgate by default is kinda lame.
As for the bases, it's about as much of a mixed bag as the rest of the update. Excavion I like a lot, but the capture time is way too short on it. The changes to the tech lab are just weird, the new Jaeger's Fist has the point way too close to spawn which kinda makes the rest of the changes made to it kind of irrelevant since the tunnel and the new large building don't matter much. At least the bases look fairly nice across the board, but I'd slot the changes in the needs improvement category. I will say I at least like fighting in Esamir more than I used to.


TL;DR: Update is just okay, but lays the groundwork for updates that are much better than just okay. I am just admittedly worried that RPG will not take advantage of the groundwork laid before them, as we've seen this sort of thing happen in the past far too many times.

And what are your thoughts about these novations?

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