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Interview with Brubaker1.

Posted by:  Charoplet 12.10.2020

Today our website is visited by a famous person known to almost all Miller's veterans. Meet Brubaker1! Today we will talk about how this famous Outfit leader and commander got into Planetside 2, how he became a commander, for what he was banned, and also find out his opinion on the last update.

Charoplet: First, tell about yourself - who you are, where you live, etc.

Brubaker1: Hi, I'm 43 years old from Israel, married with 2 cats and 1 dog, no kids by choice, working in an IT department.

Charoplet: I think many players would be interested to know how you got to Planetside 2, when you started playing, did you play Planetside 1?

Brubaker1: I don't remember exactly, but I do remember that I loved teamwork games with medic class, like RTCW: Enemy Territory, Savage: The Battle for Newerth, Team Fortress 2, so I was searching for more games like those, and this is probably how I found planetside 2 around 2014, I didn't play Planetside 1.

Charoplet: My nickname means medieval wizard in an Old Russian. What is the history of your nickname?

Brubaker1: Actually its kinda stupid, you know where every superhero also have his real name, like, Superman is Clark Kent,  Spiderman is Peter Parker, so I wanted to have the name of "Winter Soldier" (Bucky) from "Captain America" because his role is kinda controversial, is he a good guy ? A villain? So I googled a bit to find out his name, Bucky was taken, and by fast hovering on the results, I saw this Brubaker name, I wasn't sure how it's related to Bucky but I liked it, Turns out Ed Brubaker is a comic book writer and cartoonist, anyway Brubaker was also taken so I just added a number resembling "first place" / 1st like in competition.

Charoplet: So as I understand you played on Miller and became one of the most influential leaders. What Outfits did you play before 300s where you were Outfit creator?

Brubaker1: I stumbled across UFOs leader (I'll give him the credit even tho we got quarreled a bit - TheMadKosovan, currently in MyMs) who was doing voice lead, high-paced action, cohesion, etc - that was new to me, I loved it, I joined them. At some point I decided that he is not playing enough ("for me"), I was way more active, plus the fact that there were no good public leaders probably at all, I left and joined ELME, only because they had many players, and I was thinking and planning to start leading, which is what happened.

Charoplet: What was your path to outfit leader? Did you play a squad/platoon leader first and after decide to create your own Outfit?

Brubaker1: I started leading platoons as "ELME" officer - with low experience, low confidence, just placing waypoints, (never just 1 squad because of the nature of the game, squad was getting full pretty fast so I expand to a 2nd squad, then 3rd and 4th, also I wanted to counter enemy platoons so I "needed" the numbers).  At some point, I noticed sometimes people are not aware of the new waypoint location, or people not being organized enough, so I just had to start talking, once I started to talk, I could start doing coordinated stuff, gal drops, group ups and pushes, vehicle convoys, all the "cool stuff"...and again, at some point, once I've noticed many players joining ELME just because of my leading style, and had enough backwind from some core players who were constantly playing with me (credit to Pumika^^), plus the fact that ELME members were mostly casuals who didn't care for platoons and redeployside, I decided to start my own outfit, which supposed to consist only players who love to play like me.

Charoplet: TR on Miller was a very strong faction after the launch in 2012. What happened to the faction? Why TR became so weak closer to 2015-2016?

Brubaker1: I don't know what happened to the faction and I don't know when TR was strong or weak, but my guess is what makes a faction strong or weak is its outfits and outfit leaders, and this can be dynamic.

Charoplet: I was inactive when your main character was banned. Could you tell me this story? What causes your behavior and what was the official reason for the permanent ban?

Brubaker1: All I'm willing to say its because of some bad private conversation I had with someone who reported me, and since it was like my 3rd suspension, It probably got me a perm ban, for "Toxic Behavior". I would like to add that I didn't get a hardware ban, so I'm allowed to make a new account and play on Miller, I'm not "evading" ban like some ignorant people are saying, it's written in their website: "For banned accounts, you will usually need to create a new account to continue playing".

Charoplet: After the ban, you've decided to play on Cobalt. What was your path from a usual player to one of the leaders of BROS Outfit?

Brubaker1: First I had to find BROS, wasn't too hard to find a medium to big sized outfit with capable members who already familiar with "redeploy tactics", with a leader who has a similar leading style, I don't think I was a "usual player", I immediately started to lead actively, after a while, my contribution to the outfit probably got me that sweet promotion, which I lost later on because of some small dispute, but that's fine by me, my outfit rank is still high, after all, I just wanna play the game and lead platoons, not doing any outfit management / training or stuff like that.

Charoplet: As I know you also play on Miller in R18M Outfit and created your own VS Outfit on Cobalt. Where do you prefer to play now and what are your character nicknames on Miller and Cobalt?

Brubaker1: I think it's situational, and if anyone would want to find me... he will, it's not a secret but no need to post here my names.

Charoplet: What are your thoughts on the latest the Shattered Warpgate Update? Do you like Campaigns and Missions?

Brubaker1: I like many of the new changes, the Biolabs that are not hogging hordes of players anymore, the storm - that is kinda adding "luck" element, fights on the shattered warpgate can be fun, but they are not always... (because there is no population meter so players don't know when / where reinforcement is needed?), I like many of the new bases/layout changes, some bases less, I'm not enjoying missions and the campaign but I am doing the campaign anyway for the sake of... doing it... and maybe for the rewards.

Charoplet: And what are your ideas on how to improve the game? What are the main directions devs need to focus on further development?

Brubaker1: I think devs should encourage players to become squad and platoon leaders, encourage players to get into squads and platoons, and I think they need to focus on objectives (like encourage doing alerts instead of pointless and endless grinding).

Charoplet: Devs announce major changes to Outfit Wars in the nearest big patch. What is your view on how Outfit Wars have to look?

Brubaker1: Well, first they need to work very hard on thinking how to get the qualification right, it's probably the hardest part - to get 3 outfits with the same "skill level" on the same tier - to fight each other. Apart from that, the match itself, I don't have any ideas... I think the current format is ok.

Charoplet: Thank you a lot, hope our readers will like our conversation. In the end, you can reach out to visitors of our website and say whatever you want.

Brubaker1: I would like to add that I'm sorry for my past behavior I know I was very toxic but I think I have changed a lot now, I wish people would stop spreading hate just because of things I was doing 1 year ago. Thanks.

  1. Lol
    9 February 2021 01:00 write to news
    Such a fucking Cheater! He got banned, "FAMOUS LEADER"!
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