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Interview with Myian - a Planetside 2 streamer

Posted by:  Charoplet 19.10.2020

Today we are talking with Myian, a very popular Planetside 2 streamer, who has almost 4000 followers on her Twitch channel. We will talk about her Planetside 2 story, how she became a streamer, discuss Wrel's idea to open a Dating Hub in Sanctuary, the latest Planetside 2 Update, and reasons why she prefers to stream Planetside 2. So let's begin!

Charoplet: The first and usual question from our website would be about your real-life, could you tell our readers about yourself, where do you live, what are your hobbies except Planetside 2 and so on.

Myian: My name is Myian, I am 31 years old, from Germany. When I am not streaming, I enjoy watching streams & videos. Otherwise, I am very creative in the literal sense of the word. I like to create things - be it improvements for the stream (graphics or code), various programming projects, or worldbuilding. I do not like material things.

Charoplet: As far as I know, you are "Salty Vet" in Planetside 2, so tell us how you got to Planetside 2, and did you play Planetside 1?

Myian: I am actually the opposite of a salty vet - a friend once coined the term "Caramelized Vet" for people who have played a lot but are not mad about the game, the devs, or their wasted time. I got into PlanetSide 2 blue-eyed in January 2013, by chance. It was my first ever shooter game and somehow it struck a chord in me. I was instantly hooked. Summer that year I built my first mid-tier gaming pc. Since then, I have barely ever stopped playing PS2. I have never played the original PlanetSide in its prime.

Charoplet: How did you become a streamer?  When did that happen and what are the main features of your streams?

Myian: In March 2017 I was in the middle of a rebounding depression, and I knew I had to at least try *something* about it. After some test recordings, I went live for the first time and I was lucky to have people engage with my content from day one. Otherwise, knowing myself, I would have probably given up soon after.
I used to be (and still am) a very private, introverted and shy person, so I do not actually have a good explanation of how my Twitch channel happened.
The main feature of my stream is Hubert, the tiger. Viewers have the ability to toggle his tongue in or out. I am joking, but I have some systems in place for viewers to take direct and automatic influence on my stream through channel points or chat commands. It also integrates into the game, so people can throw grenades or redeploy me. My latest gem is the viewer-triggered "Quacktime" event, which keeps track of how many times I press "F" (for cloak/uncloak) within ten minutes. Pressing "F" also triggers a "quack" sound, hence the name. I love it, and the viewers love it, too.

Charoplet: Your ingame and Twitch nicknames are different, what are the stories for both of your names - Supersymmetry and Myian.

Myian: I have always had lots of names. For every service, every community I joined, I created a new persona. The first time "Myian" occurred online was as a name for my Diablo 3 monk. That was before I even had a Twitch account, in 2015. Creating my Twitch account under the same name was a decision on the whim, not thought through. But because nowadays I most strongly identify with being a streamer, I stopped giving myself different names. I have become Myian.
"Supersymmetry" was a sad attempt to mimic funny names, like for example "Gravity", in "You were killed by: Gravity". It is a cosmological term, has something to do with particles. Dunno exactly.

Charoplet: What is your game style, why do you usually play infiltrator?

Myian: I go mad when I spawn at a base and there are no friendly ping darts in sight far and wide. So I started spawning my own. It is super nice to hypothetically be at the top of the food chain and harvest the tears of professional HAs whose overshield can no longer protect them. I like the highrolling potential of sniper rifles and the skill required to perform really well.
Most of my loadouts have some nerfing quality to them. My standard sidearm, after having auraxiumed the CandyCannon 3000, is a Flare Gun. Instead of the CQC sniper or the 8-shot (in my opinion, the best conventional sniper rifles in the game), my weapon of choice is the unwieldy auraxium sniper. My go-to implants (Catlike, Ammo Printer) do not focus on combat prowess, but the quality of life.
The reason for the nerf: If I had the best available loadout equipped, I would have no good excuse for losing fights. With a Flare Gun as a backup for when things go wrong, I do not even expect to win in the first place. Playing stupidly like that is a great source for keeping myself sane and the audience entertained.

Charoplet: Did you play in big outfits or you prefer lone wolf style?

Myian: On my old main character I am still part of the lovely [Lacy] outfit. But times have moved on, and now I mostly play alone. It is beneficial for my type of stream to make chat interaction top priority. I also play much worse in casual squads with voice chat. I for one am mildly annoyed when I am out to discover new streamers and they are in voice chat with random other people. I do not see the point.

Charoplet: Ok, let me ask more political questions. I cannot be sure, but most likely 90-95% of Planetside 2 players are men. In your opinion what is the reason why very few girls play FPS games?

Myian: I cannot be sure about those numbers either. We always assume everyone is male - I know I refer to every player as "he/him" by default as well. But unless they have spoken up in voice chat, we cannot really have a clue. Online gaming has the tendency of leaving many women jaded so they do not speak up in the first place. I too was extremely(!) reluctant to reveal myself when I first started playing. However, Planetside seems to be a better environment than most games. I do not even want to think about the likes of Overwatch.
The reasons for a few women playing FPS games are diverse, they are convoluted and deeply ingrained into our society. I do not have a concrete opinion other than perhaps: It is a really complicated topic.

Charoplet: How developers can attract more girls to a game like Planetside 2? Wrel told about the dating center in Sanctuary, but it seems it was just a joke.

Myian: Attracting female players to PS2 does not need to be a point in itself at all. The game, except for maybe the theme of it being a wargame, is completely gender-neutral. There are some heinous shooter games out there where all of the playable characters are burly, muscular men. Female characters, if there even are any, can only be unlocked with coins. And then they might have bikinis for armor, I don't know. Planetside is already perfect the way it is - The graphics at day are bright and colorful, there are 4 male character models, there are 4 female character models, there are plenty of options to play dress-up with your characters and vehicles, the game does not take itself overly seriously. I see zero gender-relevant problems in the design of the game. I am very happy Planetside is like this. If a woman is interested in shooter games, the only thing keeping her from staying with PS2 is the same problems any newbie would face.
That said, I do not use ingame voice chat at all, and I am not part of any ingame organization. I would not know about any hardships women might experience over there.

Charoplet: What about the latest update changes that hit Planetside 2. What are the bad and the good in your opinion and what changes do you want to see in-game, or "just shoot people" is all you need?

Myian: I would need them to fix the "shoot sniper rifle in cqc" - "immediately quick knife" - "have to fully re-equip sniper rifle before switch to secondary gun is possible" bug. Because when that happens, I usually die, and when I'm dead, I can't shoot people. I do not mind updates, in a positive way. I really like the visual changes to Esamir - I have been talking about this for years, that veterans maybe just want some new eye candy to look at (I do). I would really enjoy more changes like that, perhaps different skyboxes and shaders for every time a continent unlocks, or even dynamic skyboxes. Heck, do I know. I trust the team, and I am "whatever" anyway. I do not pretend to be a backseat game developer.

Charoplet: Let's talk about your streams again. You have almost 4000 followers on Twitch, but 90% of your streams are Planetside 2 streams. You can become a way more popular streamer with your shooting skills if you stream other games / first person shooters. Did you think about that?

Myian: I think about that from time to time. It is actually not clear-cut at all, as past experiences have shown. PlanetSide 2 people mostly want to watch PlanetSide 2 content. And as a PlanetSide 2 person myself, the only thing I really want to do is play PlanetSide 2. After 7 years, I can play the game in my sleep, I know the ins-and-outs of movement and I know exactly what I am doing wrong. By now, playing is basically a muscle-memory. I would have to re-build that knowledge about other games from the ground-up, and doing that live is a bother. Not saying it will not happen, but I am already very comfortable playing and streaming PS2. Sometimes I daydream of becoming a huge channel and having the chance of introducing hundreds of new people to PlanetSide 2. But who knows where our journeys will lead us.

Charoplet: Thank you very much for your fair answers. In the end, you can tell whatever you want to your subscribers and our visitors.

Myian: Thank you for keeping the Planetside dream alive.

P.S. You can watch Myian playing Planetside 2 on her twitch channel -

  1. 4 November 2020 08:41 write to news
    Shes a great streamer to watch while at work here in the US
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