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Shattered Warpgate patch and playtests on Test Server.

Posted by:  Charoplet 04.09.2020

Yesterday devs uploaded the first part of the Shattered Warpgate patch to the Test server. So you already could test new content if you have Planetside 2 Test Server on your PC (you can download it HERE).
For now, on PTS it is not all content that will hit live servers. Developers plan to make additional patches later to add another content, like more missions and campaigns.

The most interesting changes are:

Campaigns and New Mission System were added to the game. Campaigns are disabled on PTS for now while the new mission system offers daily missions players can complete for rewards. Only 9 missions are active on Test Server after the patch.
Esamir has gone through many changes. The Northeastern Warpgate has been destroyed, and in its wake are the time-frozen remains of an ancient Vanu structure, and a vortex of energy pouring into the sky (this zone was taken out from the global Esamir map as a territory factions fight for, still players could go there to do their daily missions). Some bases were deleted or reworked.

Added a storm on Esamir which will damage aircraft, vehicles, infantry (outside the buildings), and even Bastions (lightings hit hard bastion's hardpoints).

Bases on Indar (The Crown, Ceres Hydroponics, TI Alloys) were reworked.

Were made some changes to Sanctuary, for example, players will now log into Sanctuary initially.

All exceptional implants can now be crafted for an ISO-4 cost from the crafting screen (the bad thing they will cost 45000 ISO-4)

Upon a successful capture, bases award their full resource value to any participating outfits, outfits who own a base continue to gain resource ticks over time once every 5 minutes, (no changes from Live.)

Sanctuary no longer offers resource trading, reworked price of war assets, for example, Heavy ANVIL will costs 50 Auraxium, Orbital Strike - 75 Synthium, and Bastion Fleet Carrier - 70 Polystellarite (for all 4 parts).

To accommodate the additional rewards through the Mission system, alerts no longer offer ISO-4, A7, or Certs.

Alert winners now receive 25,000 XP (100 Certs) and losers/runner-up receive 10,000 XP (40 Certs).

Daily Ribbon Bonuses have also been removed.

Render distance can now be set for infantry/ground vehicle/air vehicles individually, this option can be found in the graphics settings.

Added new Player Studio items:

Old War Heavy Assault armor and helmet (Terran Republic,) by Doku
Armadillo Sunderer exterior, bumper, and tires (All Factions,) by Steveo
Challenger Vanguard exterior plating (New Conglomerate,) by Lobstrex
Response Infiltrator armor (NSO,) by binarycoder
Ravenshroud helmet (Terran Republic,) by CountPoly

Developers ask players to join playtests on PTS. The Playtest schedule for this first PTS patch is as follows:

    Sept. 04, 2020 - 12pm PT
    Sept. 04, 2020 - 2pm PT
    Sept. 05, 2020 - 12pm PT

You can read Full patch notes here

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