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Planetside 2 Announcer by BobMitch

Posted by:  Charoplet 02.11.2020

The new very useful and user-friendly tool appeared in the Planetside 2 community. We announce Planetside 2 Announcer by BobMitch This tool works in the browser, which means you do not need to download voicepacks, register on the website, and watch videos to understand how to use it. All you need to do is to open a link with your favorite voicepack, add your character names to track them, and play your favorite game - Planetside 2, enjoying cool sounds that will appear after you kill somebody in Planetside ( link has to be opened in your browser so this tool could vocalize your ingame Achievements).

That's not all this tool can do. If you are a streamer, Planetside 2 Announcer could add some cool effects on your streams. It is сompatible with OBS and voicepacks have an option to show different funny gif or jpeg pictures while soundpack vocalize your Achievements. Also you can add some custom fullscreen gif images on your streams. Lots of popular Planetside 2 streamers already use this tool on their streams: AeflicMyian, N7jpicard and many more!

If you are a creative person and you want to make a new voicepack for yourself or/and your friends, Planetside 2 Announcer has great options to create new voicepacks or edit those you like - you can just copy/paste the voicepack you like and after edit it with new voice files or images.

Some additional info about how to use Planetside 2 Announcer:

To create a new voicepack all you need is to add the name of voicepack at the end of the link.
For example:

After you add the name of your voicepack and add a password for it (so only you could manage it), you could be able to edit your voicepack:

If you want to get additional information just read the Information section or you can also read Instructions from BobMitch (Planetside 2 Announcer Developer) where he added some useful information about features of this tool.

We hope that Planetside 2 Community will like Planetside 2 Announcer as much as we do and create a lot of different cool voicepacks. You can already now use these voicepacks: - default voicepack - Myian voicepack (Voicepack made by Myian - a popular Planetside 2 streamer) - MM voicepack (Voicepack made by MM - russian outfit from Miller, full russian voicepack with a russian obscene language).

Planetside 2 Announcer is added to our Projects section of the website and we hope will seriously compete with Recursion Stat Tracker because it is simple and easy to use and also has options Recursion do not have, like triggers when someone kills you from specific weapon or class or option to customize voicepack in a way you want (add new sound when you kill someone from specific weapon etc).

P.S. Take in mind, that Adblock could disable this tool. If you have some feedback or want to inform about bug you find, please join Planetside 2 Announcer Discord -

  1. 3 November 2020 14:57 write to news
    I really like the voice pack. i used it in my stream yesterday while running Air ops.
  2. 3 November 2020 18:39 write to news
    Planetside 2 Announcer Developer
  3. 3 November 2020 18:44 write to news
    Quote: Clutch
    I really like the voice pack. i used it in my stream yesterday while running Air ops.

    Awesome. Can you link to your stream? Always enjoy seeing people use the app, and help if they have issues live.
    1. 15 December 2020 04:31 answer to news
      I just cleaned up the gifs.
  4. 11 December 2020 02:46 write to news 
    I use the Imperium Announcer. Its loaded with brand new gifs! Just made them today, actually. 
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