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Development Letter - The Aftermath
Posted by:  Charoplet  10 Oct 2020 03:57
Wrel, the Lead Designer of Planetside 2 just post a Development Letter about the Shattered Warpgate Update: With the release of The Shattered Warpgate update, we made some ambitious changes to the game that add more structured elements to the sandbox experience we all know and love, while revamping the continent of Esamir. In this post I wanted to point out some observations
Shattered Warpgate PS4 update news
Posted by:  Charoplet  09 Oct 2020 20:12
Head of Rogue Planet Games and Executive Producer of PlanetSide Franchise, Andy Sites in his Twitter inform PS4 players about state of the upcoming Shattered Warpgate update for Playstation 4. For now the group of RPG devs started working on it last Friday. Developers are targeting a live release of the Shattered Warpgate update to PS4 the week of Oct 26th.
What are your thoughts on Campaign?
Posted by:  Charoplet  09 Oct 2020 13:47
Redditor TupinambisTeguixin post on Planetside 2 Reddit his thoughts about the first chapter of the Shattered Warpgate Campaign and new Mission system. And what are your thoughts about these novations?
Interview with Lead Game Designer of Planetside 2
Posted by:  Charoplet  09 Oct 2020 10:37
Yesterday popular Planetside 2 streamers, Aeflic and Shoctorr did an interview with Wrel - Lead Game Designer of Planetside 2. You can watch the interview here:
Developers have disabled Esamir's auto-unlock functionality
Posted by:  Charoplet  08 Oct 2020 19:52
Wrel in his Twitter informs players , that they need to fight to open Esamir from here on out. In our opinion, it was made to switch off the situation, when Esamir was the only populated continent, as lots of players become boring to play most of the time on one continent. Also, the problem with space carrots was fixed, so it would be much easier for players to finish their
Ask Wrel everything
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Posted by:  Charoplet  07 Oct 2020 15:03
This Thursday, one of the most popular Planetside 2 streamers - Aeflic (Twitch) will be interviewing Wrel - Lead Game Designer of Planetside 2. You can now write your quetions to Michael “Wrel” Henderson here and the best of them would be voiced during the interview. Podcast will be held on shoctorr twitch channel this Thursday at 6PM PDT / 9PM EST / Friday 3AM CEST and later
PC Update / Hotfix. October 7
Posted by:  Charoplet  06 Oct 2020 22:54
Developers just announce Hotfix that will hit live servers on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, at 6am PT (3pm CEST) and will last for 2 hours. Here is the list of upcoming changes:
Space carrots problem
Posted by:  Charoplet  06 Oct 2020 10:04
In the latest update lots of players faced with a problem when space carrots (plants that need to be harvested during campaign missions) deploy inside objects - rocks, trees, or under the ground. Developers promise to fix this problem on Wednesday in their hotfix. For now, players post information about locations where these plants actually could be harvested. Here are some
Way to get to any continent from Sanctuary. Suggestion.
Posted by:  Charoplet  04 Oct 2020 18:28
Redditor VempirE made a suggestion on Planetside 2 Reddit of the possible way to continents from Sanctuary. This thread got over 1200 likes and become the most upvoted thread in October on PS2 Reddit.
DOUBLE XP FOR ALL through the weekend and the Wrel's statement
Posted by:  Charoplet  03 Oct 2020 00:18
Devs just announce DOUBLE XP FOR ALL until Sunday, October 4 at 11:59pm PT. This move could be caused by numerous threads on Main Planetside 2 Reddit , where some players are not very happy with a new patch, especially with the new Alert Rewards. Lead Game designer Wrel even do a statement where he tries to explain these actions RPG did in the latest update. You can read his
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