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Maintenance for Emerald server Feb 2-3. 11pm EST
Posted by:  Charoplet  02 Feb 2021 12:21
Wrel in his Twitter informed players from Emerald, that NA East datacenter will undergo network maintenance requiring downtime on both Tues Feb 2 & Wed Feb 3. Both downtimes begin at 11pm EST and could last up 3 hours. This major network maintenance will only impact Emerald (PC NA East).
Creator Clash Bastion Battle. January, 30 4:00 PM PST
Posted by:  Charoplet  31 Jan 2021 00:12
Today on Emerald will be held most epic 3-way Creator Clash Bastion Battle. Each Empire will have one of the most popular Planetside 2 Streamer as a leader: CAMIKAZE78, Commander Cyrious, and Wintergaming. ArsheeTV will stream all this chaos and epicness on his Twitch channel. The event will be held today, on January, 30 on Emerald Live server at 4:00 PM PST.
Farewell party with Andy Sites and Carto. Livestream on ArsheeTV
Posted by:  Charoplet  18 Jan 2021 01:29
On January, 17 at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 11:59 PM CET on ArsheeTV Twitch channel will start a Farewell party with Andy Sites and Carto where all Planetside 2 players could say some warm words to these two persons who made Planetside 2 we know. You can join participants of this event on Emerald server (Esamir, Shattered Warpgate zone) or jump on ArsheeTV' live stream -
Andy Sites leaving Rogue Planet Games and Farewell cease fire party on Emerald
Posted by:  Charoplet  17 Jan 2021 19:22
Andy “IronSites” Sites, Head of Rogue Planet Games informed all Planetside 2 players, that he will be leaving Rogue Planet Games. In his absence, he will be handing the reigns over to Michael Henderson aka Wrel (Lead Game Designer) and Chris Farrar (Technical Director) to co-lead the Rogue Planet Games and PlanetSide franchise.
Captain Cox, the Legend of Emerald and the Leader of 1st Terran Rangers
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Posted by:  Charoplet  17 Dec 2020 23:41
Today we will talk with [1TR] CaptainCox, probably the most known person on Emerald server and beyond it. You will know about his hobbies, about his way in Planetside 2, and his vision for the development of our beloved game. So let's begin!
Interview with [SKL] Qaztar, the current leader of SoKaar's Legion
Posted by:  Charoplet  21 Nov 2020 13:35
Today the guest of our website will be Qaztar, the Leader of SoKaar's Legion from Emerald. We will talk about the structure of SKL, their tactics, will discuss how SKL together with 2RAF raised money for ExtraLife and of course will touch on their new Outfit logo, which became "very popular" on Emerald subreddit. So let's dive into questions and answers!
The Shattered Warpgate Patchnotes
Posted by:  Charoplet  29 Sep 2020 23:16
Developers just announce that a new big update named The Shattered Warpgate will go Live to PC servers on October, 1. All PC servers will come down Thursday at 6 am PT (3 pm CEST) to bring this major game update. We do not have patch notes yet, so this thread will be edited after devs will publish what we are going to expect on October, 1.
Server online All TR NC VS NS
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