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OFFICIAL LaneSmash 2021 Tournament Trailer
Posted by:  Charoplet  18 Jan 2021 10:27
A hype trailer by FalcoArnold for PlanetsideBattles's upcoming 2021 LaneSmash Season. Watch 10 teams face off in 24v24 battles happening from Jan 22 - March 7 at
Community Smash #9 will be held this Saturday!
Posted by:  Charoplet  25 Nov 2020 16:25
Community Smash is a massive Planetside 2 event in which hundreds of players battle against each other on the Jaeger server to find out who's the best once and for all (well until the next smash). All factions and all servers will be able to take part in this event; however, there's no PC - PS4 crossplay. The Community Smash #9 will take place on the 28th of November!
Nanites of the living dead Jaeger Event. Final information and updated rules
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Posted by:  Charoplet  20 Oct 2020 09:34
Halloween is close and that means it is time to polish your knives and shotguns - Nanite of the living dead night is coming! In 2020 this fun event will be held on the 31st of October, 13:00 PT / 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET on Jaeger server. For those who don't know what is Nanite of the living dead, here is some information:
1KPM vs HELP. PIL-2 Orange Bracket Final
Posted by:  Charoplet  11 Oct 2020 20:59
On October, 11 at channel, you can watch the final for Orange Bracket of PlanetsideInfantryLeague, where 1KPM will face HELP. Both teams reach the Orange bracket final and we hope that the last game of PIL-2 would be very interesting and close.
BHOT vs ZYZZ  Championship finale game for PIL Blue Bracket
Posted by:  Charoplet  11 Oct 2020 03:22
Right now on channel, you can watch the final for Blue Bracket of PlanetsideInfantryLeague, where BHOT is playing against ZYZZ. Both teams reach the upper bracket final, so the game will be very intense. PlanetsideInfantryLeague is a league where teams across all servers play in a 6 vs 6 Planetside 2 infantry tournament.
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Connery: {{info.Connery.all}}: {{}} {{}} {{info.Connery.vs}} {{info.Connery.ns}}
Emerald: {{info.Emerald.all}}: {{}} {{}} {{info.Emerald.vs}} {{info.Emerald.ns}}
Miller: {{info.Miller.all}}: {{}} {{}} {{info.Miller.vs}} {{info.Miller.ns}}
Soltech: {{info.Soltech.all}}: {{}} {{}} {{info.Soltech.vs}} {{info.Soltech.ns}}
Ceres (PS4): {{info.Ceres.all}}: {{}} {{}} {{info.Ceres.vs}} {{info.Ceres.ns}}
Genudine (PS4): {{info.Genudine.all}}: {{}} {{}} {{info.Genudine.vs}} {{info.Genudine.ns}}
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