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Uncontained Enthusiasm (and update progress)
Posted by:  Charoplet  14 Apr 2021 09:48
Wrel, Lead Designer of Planetside 2 posted an article about an upcoming update. It seems we need to wait for some time before this big update will go live. Here is the information from the dev team: Last weekend we released the Containment Sites, Chapter 03, and additional Esamir changes to the public test server. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive...
Test Server Update - Apr. 09, 2021 - Containment Site Playtesting!
Posted by:  Charoplet  11 Apr 2021 14:26
Good news everyone! We have a new patch together with massive Playtesting on PTS (test server). Here is the original news. Do not forget, that you can download and install PTS client here.
Mar. 08, 2021 - PC Hotfix and upcoming updates
Posted by:  Charoplet  08 Mar 2021 14:50
It seems this week PC players will have 2 Hotfixes during a week. According to the information from the Official PS2 Forum, today we will have a Hotfix, that will push back the Chapter 03 start date to April, 1.
Outfit Wars Playtest - Feb. 04 - Feb. 07
Posted by:  Charoplet  04 Feb 2021 09:58
After the first OW tests on PTS last week, devs announced a new one, that will be held this weekend. Here is some information from Wrel about the new test: Outfit Wars Playtest this WEEKEND (Feb. 04 - Feb. 07) Hey there. Over the past week, we've been working with community members to help get Outfit Wars in shape and ready for release.
Outfit Wars Revamp Heads to PTS!
Posted by:  Charoplet  29 Jan 2021 01:04
Finally, we get information about Outfit Wars. PTS patchnotes are ready! Riches and glory eternal beckons from beyond the wormhole, soldiers...welcome BACK to Outfit Wars! Outfit Wars is a competitive tournament cycle, first introduced in last Escalation PC update, for aspiring Outfits to prove their valor, earn rewards, and compete for the title of Auraxis's best.
Auraximas is here! Test Server Update - Dec. 11, 2020
Posted by:  Charoplet  12 Dec 2020 10:41
Auraximas patch is already on PTS Server! It seems devs are going to add this patch to live servers next week and now on PTS server players could test all new features that would be added to the game soon.
Test Server Update, Chapter 2 of The Shattered Warpgate and Eight-Year Anniversary Bundle
Posted by:  Charoplet  18 Nov 2020 11:27
Developers update Planetside 2 Test server with new improvements that soon will be added to the Live servers. In preparation for eight-year anniversary Chapter 2 of The Shattered Warpgate was added to PTS, along with the changes and fixes listed below
The Shattered Warpgate (PTS Update 4)
Posted by:  Charoplet  26 Sep 2020 09:23
Devs publish PTS Update 4 for their big "The Shattered Warpgate" update. Seems it will be the last PTS Update for this patch, as it would be coming to Live once devs got it into a good state. The main goal in this PTS update will be testing Campaigns, that finally were added to the Test Server. Also, developers add new training missions available for characters of BR15 and
Shattered Warpgate patch and playtests on Test Server.
Posted by:  Charoplet  04 Sep 2020 15:09
Yesterday devs uploaded the first part of the Shattered Warpgate patch to the Test server. So you already could test new content if you have Planetside 2 Test Server on your PC (you can download it HERE ). For now, on PTS it is not all content that will hit live servers. Developers plan to make additional patches ...
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