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24-hour Planetside 2 livestream to support fight against cancer
Posted by:  Charoplet  23 Nov 2020 13:00
[TDKD] hecules55, [BJay] KIZZZZ & [BJay] PvTNidu completed a 24-hour Planetside 2 livestream on Twitch. The stream started on Friday at 6PM UTC and lasted a full 24 hours until Saturday 6PM UTC They did this in support of Macmillan cancer support, a charity that helps people that are dealing with cancer.
Is it worth playing Planetside 2 in 2020/2021?
Posted by:  Charoplet  23 Nov 2020 11:31
On RedCoatViking youtube channel was published a good video guide about Planetside 2 and its current state. You can watch other video guides about Planetside 2 on the Media Page of our website.
The Shattered Warpgate Campaign Chapter 2. Video guide
1 270 views
Posted by:  Charoplet  19 Nov 2020 12:36
Youtube channel Nanite News posted a video with the entirety of Chapter 2 Lore missions of The Shattered Warpgate campaign in Planetside 2. Do not forget, that you could get the main reward of the Chapter after doing only main missions, side missions are optional. Stormchaser Helmet will be the main reward for Chapter 2.
Cobalt Smash Stream
Posted by:  Charoplet  12 Nov 2020 22:27
Cobalt Smash took place on Saturday, November, 14. Numerous Outfits from Cobalt decided to create a Live Server Event on Amerish to get fun and create epic battles. You can watch Stream VOD on Commander Cyrious Twitch channel.
Planetside 2 PlayStation 5 Stream
Posted by:  Charoplet  12 Nov 2020 20:19
It seems the future for PlayStation players is bright - Planetside 2 works perfectly on PS5 with stable 60 FPS and very quick zone downloads. You can see some Planetside 2 PlayStation 5 Stream here:
Everything is about to change... Planetside 2 cinematic
Posted by:  Charoplet  03 Nov 2020 22:12
Cool Planetside 2 video was published on the Durake youtube channel. This video is an action-packed montage and is now on our Media Page of the website together with the best Planetside 2 cinematics from other content creators!
Battleflow Discussion after the Shattered Warpgate
Posted by:  Charoplet  31 Oct 2020 12:00
Commander Cyrious, one of the most respected content creators in the game, published on his Youtube channel a new video about Battleflow in Planetside 2 after the latest Shattered Warpgate update. This video is very interesting and shows some problems we have now in the game, for example, a lack of open field battles. Enjoy the video and do not forget to leave comments on...
Shattered Warpgate. Chapter 1. Overview and Thoughts from CAMIKAZE78
Posted by:  Charoplet  27 Oct 2020 00:46
New video from CAMIKAZE78 - a popular Planetside 2 streamer and content creator. In this video, you will know lots of useful information about missions in Calamity - the first Chapter of the Shattered Warpgate Campaign.
Planetside 2 in 2020 review
371 view
Posted by:  Charoplet  23 Oct 2020 18:55
Fresh opinion about Planetside 2 in 2020 and about new Shattered Warpgate update from one of the content creators - LCTRgames. If you are a new player or veteran of Planetside 2, who is thinking about coming back, this video is worth watching.
Syncopations - a Planetside 2 cinematic
Posted by:  Charoplet  22 Oct 2020 10:42
New video from one of the best content creators of Planetside 2 - Pandamonium. WARNING! Get people with epilepsy off screens.
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